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Trauma, The Body, And The Brain

October 5th, 2021
trauma body and brain

In this episode, Zach speaks with Jeanne Foot, an internationally certified addiction counselor and holistic health practitioner with the belief that we all are recovering from something. When it comes to trauma, Jeanne uses an approach of engaging the mind, body, and spirit to treat everything from adverse childhood experiences, mental health, substance use disorders, and abuse. Zach and Jeanne discuss intergenerational trauma, her view that the traditional approach to behavioral change is flawed, and more. To learn more about Jeanne and The Recovery Concierge, her worldwide mental health service for recovery, support, and education, visit https://therecoverycon.wpengine.com/. To learn more about Landmark Recovery’s treatment modalities, visit https://landmarkrecovery.com/services/individual-group-therapy/.

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