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Rebuilding Your Life After Recovery

by Landmark Recovery

August 17, 2020
A woman walking away from toxic relationships as she focuses on her life after recovery


Once you’ve successfully detoxed, it’s time to put all those new life skills into practice and to start rebuilding your life after recovery.

Detox is only the beginning of a long and challenging journey.

Indeed, while withdrawing from drugs or alcohol can be painful, the real work starts the minute you leave rehab.

The good news?

A healthier, substance-free life is yours for the taking as long as you take the necessary changes in your life.

Your recovery is not only vital for your own welfare. Addiction touches the lives of many others, so your loved ones will benefit just as much as you will if you clean up.

Sadly, the US has seen a spike in overdose deaths during the pandemic. Financial difficulties, problems attending clinics or groups, and mounting uncertainty all around can trigger the emotions that cause relapse.

However, according to The Oklahoman, some states have seen overdose rates improve. This could be due to the use of the overdose antidote Narcan, and people managing to keep generally stabilized during times of stress.

Today, then, we’ll cover 5 simple ways in which you can rebuild and reinvent yourself to become the best version of you.


Rebuilding Your Life After Recovery In 5 Easy Steps

A man holding out his hand to show that there are five steps to rebuild your life after recovery

  1. Develop and maintain a healthy routine
  2. Focus on proper diet and nutrition
  3. Rebuild your relationships
  4. Disengage from toxic people
  5. Take advantage of peer support


1) Develop And Maintain A Healthy Routine

A healthy body helps ensure your mind is also healthy.

Mental health begins with feeling good in yourself. Happiness boils down to three primary feel-good chemicals: dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin.

Ensure that you fill your body with nutrients, and flush your system with the feel-good chemicals induced by exercise.

Start your day with a nutritious breakfast then perform some form of exercise to create a positive frame of mind. Express gratitude for your new and healthy journey.

If you’re not too fit right now, go for a walk instead of a jog. You can also try using YouTube workouts. You can find everything from gentle stretching to extreme body weight exercises.

As you start stirring in the morning, start planning positive activities for your day.


Some activity ideas could include:

  • Cooking a new delicious and healthy recipe
  • Cleaning your home
  • Taking a meditation class
  • Renovating a piece of furniture
  • Painting some pebbles
  • Reading a book
  • Writing down your feelings


If you work, have your clothes ready and ironed. Make sure your home is clean and tidy before leaving the house.

If your schedule is less rigid, plan some enjoyable activities into your day. You should also ensure balance and make certain you keep on top of your life laundry.

Lists are your best friend when it comes to organizing your life. Ticking off jobs that you’ve been putting off will boost your self-esteem and give you confidence.

So, tidy your home, fold your clothes, and put them away. Clear all surfaces and put things where they belong. Then give the whole place a spring clean.

Have you got any bills to pay? Get them paid.

Do you need to apply for a job? Set a target of 5 applications a day.

Does your laundry need folding and putting away? Just do it.

Write your list then tick things off as you go. You’ll be surprised what a boost this gives you. You should also find that the more you do, the more you want to do.


2) Focus On Proper Diet And Nutrition

A bowl of oatmeal and fresh fruit. Having a nutritious diet is essential when you continue your life after recovery.

When you’re staying substance-free, make sure you’re getting a range of nourishing foods onboard. Aim to eat a little protein and some veggies with every meal. This helps to naturally boost dopamine levels.

Plan your meals for the week and get a routine going. Try batch-cooking some delicious curries, or pot meals you can freeze if you’re not in the mood to cook.

Juices and smoothies are a great way to get your 5-a-day. Have one with breakfast for a wonderful mood-boost.


3) Rebuild Your Relationships

Whilst you were substance abuse-impaired, you likely pushed your friends and loved ones away.

Well, now is the time to start approaching those people to make amends.

Repairing friendships takes time. There’s no way around this. You need to rebuild trust so pack plenty of patience.

The first step is to apologize and acknowledge the harm you caused that person. Some people might forgive you immediately, but others might not be quite so willing.

If you stole anything or damaged someone’s property, replace it with something of higher value. Even if they didn’t know what you did, you will gain respect and trust.

If someone cannot forgive you immediately, don’t react negatively. They might just need some time. You need to earn trust. Just because you feel strong and committed to your recovery doesn’t mean others will share that faith.

Be patient, then, and show empathy. When you demonstrate that you have remained substance-free, people will start to notice and perceive you in a more positive light.


4) Disengage From Toxic People

A woman walking away from toxic relationships as she focuses on her life after recovery

To keep your mood stable and positive, sever contact with those negative personalities that cause you stress. You must protect your recovery as much as possible.

Unfriending can be tricky. Some of these people might be your oldest friends who you used to get high or drunk with.

You know deep down, though, that if you hang out with your old drug buddies, you’ll inevitably get cravings, and quite probably relapse.

The benefits of unfriending after rehab far outweigh staying stuck in histrionic cycles of drama. Jealous people may try to trick you into using again. Or maybe you have that friend whose life is a continual soap opera of petty and endless disasters. Avoid them.

Get away from all these people and start seeking out those who genuinely have your best interests at heart. Pursue new hobbies and activities that don’t revolve around abusing substances.


5) Take Advantage Of Peer Support Groups

Peer support groups like 12-step programs are a powerful resource for people in recovery. Sharing your experiences with others in the same boat has a wonderful impact on your resolve.

You encourage each other and celebrate each other’s sobriety. This produces a good feeling which is just what you need if you’re experiencing withdrawals.


What To Do Next

This is your chance to make recovery work. Remember, you are not on this journey alone. Support is out there, so reach out and grab it.

In time, things will get easier. You’ll settle into your new healthier and more productive life and you’ll soon be wondering why you bothered with drink or drugs in the first place.


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