30 Days Residential Program

Group therapy

Group interactions with the clinical staff and the patient’s peers will allow for more valuable connections to be made, further strengthening their individual recovery process. Each patient participates in 3 hours of group therapy daily.

Individual therapy weekly

Each patient interacts with their individual counselor at least twice per week. The patient and counselor will begin exploring the thoughts, feelings and situations which have contributed to their ongoing substance use.

Enrichment activities daily

Engaging the person in activities including Yoga and other non-traditional therapies like improvisation/experiential therapy helps to further their connections to self and others.

Offsite 12 step meetings daily

Making the transition beyond residential treatment can be difficult. We believe it essential for our patients to begin making those connections with other members in 12 step recovery programs while still in our care.

Spiritual component

At the heart of the recovery process is an awakening of a person’s spirit. However, many people are intimidated by the idea of somehow having to adhere to a specific doctrine or religion. At Landmark Recovery of Louisville, we take into account this very important component of the recovery process and focus instead on incorporating spirituality in both group and individual experiences.

Medical supervision daily

Each patient has needs specific to their own care. From the time a patient enters into medical detoxification to the time they get discharged, our medical staff implements an individualized plan of care for the patient.