Assessment Process

Each patient’s journey at Landmark begins with a comprehensive medical and psycho-social assessment lasting 3-5 days designed to determine whether a diagnosis of chemical dependency exists. At the end of the testing period, Landmark’s professional staff meet with the patient and family members to review the findings and recommend an appropriate treatment plan. The assessment explores:

  • Immediate physical and vital signs assessment to determine whether transfer to a higher level of care, such as a hospital’s ICU, is necessary
  • Blood & urine screenings, medical histories, & addiction assessments to determine whether safe, medically assisted detoxification treatment within Landmark’s facility is necessary
    Additional testing to determine whether anti-craving medication will be needed
  • Psychosocial analysis and history of substance use to determine appropriate level of treatment, whether inpatient at Landmark, or outpatient at a trusted local partner
  • Existence of any concurring diagnoses and whether additional medication or treatment protocols will be necessary to treat them