Individual & Group therapy

  • Group therapy is an essential component of treatment for ongoing recovery to be realized. Group members are both supported and challenged by their peers.
  • With the help of a clinician providing the focus of groups, members within each group learn about fostering healthier thought processes, behaviors and belief systems.
  • While in group, members discuss specific topics including: viewing addiction as a primary disease and tools to use for preventing relapse.
  • Individual therapy sessions will allow for patients to process through some of the issues which are uncomfortable to discuss at a group level.
  • The therapists within our program are keenly aware of the thoughts and feelings which contribute to active addiction. Much of the focus in treatment will thus be learning new coping skills, both at an individual and group level.
  • Therapists will give patients individual assignments that will be worked on throughout their time in treatment. Consequently, a patient will have the opportunity to process through this assigned work with the therapist, thus developing more skills to be used.