Addiction as a Primary Disease

Understanding addiction as a primary disease process – physically, mentally and emotionally requires treating it as such. Thus, our workshops help the patient better understand why treating addiction daily is necessary for long term recovery success.

Delusional Thinking & Denial

While actively abusing substances, a person’s thought processes are impaired and unable to make rational choices. One main area of focus to address with patients is their thinking patterns and implementing new thought patterns to reduce risk of relapse.

12 Step Recovery

In 12 step programs, a large part of the growing process is incorporating the principles of meetings, step work and sponsorship. The workshops in this series focus on how to acclimate to the attitudes and beliefs upon which 12 step recovery is based upon.


For many, patients have not allowed themselves to experience feelings due to the numbing effect which substances have provided. A patient begins to learn more about how to process these feelings, while staying engaged in the process of recovery and not returning to active using.


During these series of workshops, individuals are taught about the value of spiritual exploration. A focus on the connections made between people and to powers beyond ourselves will highlight how spirituality plays such a vital part in the recovery process.

Relapse Prevention

Addiction carries with it the potential for relapse, and as such, one of our aims will be prevention of this. During the course of this workshop, patients learn more about the tools and support available to draw upon, growing towards recovery and away from relapse.


Individuals learn about the process through which trust can be rebuilt. As the relationship dynamics change after substances are removed, our patients relearn how to engage their family members and loved ones.