Family Therapy

Addiction doesn’t only effect the people abusing drugs and alcohol. Addiction impacts the entire family unit!

At Landmark Recovery, we understand that substance abuse is a family disease. Spouses, parents, grandparents, siblings and close friends suffer alongside the individual misusing pain pills, abusing illicit drugs and addicted to alcohol.

Family therapy is a branch of psychotherapy that is focused on individual family members. The overall goal is to rebuild trust, improve communication skills and develop coping skills for dealing with conflict.

Family therapy is essential to recovery because when someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, the whole family suffers!

Our dedicated and experienced therapists facilitate on-going family sessions that identify anxieties and develop strategies to overcome them.

The entire family unit is strengthened through counseling and education directed towards family strengths – not weaknesses!

Effective treatment for chemical dependency problems must involve you, and the ones that matter most!