Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment is the phase of the patient’s stay during which they are in Landmark’s care 24/7, but no drugs or alcohol remain in the patient’s system. Our program consists of scheduled therapy groups, processing groups, and extracurricular activities daily from 8:00 AM until 5:30 PM. Many patients will be well enough to start this programming even while they are withdrawing from drugs and alcohol during the detox phase. Our goal is to start programming on the second day of the patient’s stay. Just as with Detoxification program, the Residential Level of care includes 24/7 room and board at our comfortable, secured facility.

In addition to scheduled group programming, each patient receives two individual therapy sessions per week during Residential Treatment, which distinguishes us from many other programs, where patients see their therapist only once per week. We believe this additional therapy time allows for more in depth processing of the triggers and past events that lead to chemical dependency, and allows for a more thorough foundation to prevent relapse in the future. The patient also receives three sessions of neurofeedback per week. These sessions work to rewire the patient’s brain to improve concentration and positivity, and have been scientifically proven to reduce rates of relapse after treatment. Finally, patients see the Psychiatrist at least once per week while on this level of care.