12 Step Program


What Is A 12 Step Program?

A 12 step program is a set of 12 principles an individual can learn and utilize when working towards recovery from drugs and alcohol. These programs are also used in various therapies, but its original application was in the addiction recovery setting.


How Long Does The Program Take?

Individuals will work through aspects of the program while in an addiction treatment program. After the program is first learned, it becomes a lifetime journey and methodology practiced by those in recovery.


What Are The Benefits?

12 Step Programming offers many benefits to individuals undergoing rehabilitation. One large benefit is the support that is provided. A sponsor is there to work with the individual in treatment, and group meetings allow for a family of support. The benefit of the steps allows for individuals to follow specific instructions so they can understand where they have been, and what they need to complete next in their recovery. The program is also mentioned by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) as a form of evidence based treatment with long term results of success.


How Do We Use AA In Our Programming?

Mutual support groups, specifically 12-step based programs are integral to  our consumers in maintaining long term recovery because they provide continued community and supportive connections.  As part of our residential program, patients are educated on the benefit of mutual support groups and how to access these in his or her home environment.  Additionally, patients are provided direct exposure to these meetings during their stay in three ways:

  1. On-site 12-step meetings that are facilitated by facility staff members
  2. On-site 12-step meetings that are brought in to the facility through our partnership with community AA or other 12-step members.
  3. Attendance at off-site 12-step meetings in community.  This allows patients to meet and network with a sober supports as well as remove the daunting barrier of attending his/her first meeting.


Additionally, Landmark fosters engagement with 12-step programming, specifically if a consumer has a relationship with a sponsor that pre-dates admission to our program.


12 Step At Landmark Recovery

At Landmark Recovery, we understand how important the 12 step community is during treatment, as well as after treatment. Once patients are complete with ten days of inpatient treatment, they have the option to attend alcoholics anonymous (AA) or narcotics anonymous (NA) meetings that are off site from our facility. We also offer on site AA meetings that are available to patients once a week. It is important for the individual in recovery to have a support system they can turn to, and the sense of community and family developed in an AA/NA meeting is imperative. Building a strong relationship in treatment with these groups, as well as with ones sponsor will help encourage continued recovery and support post discharge from a residential treatment facility.


If you are interested in learning more about the 12 step community we have at Landmark Recovery, contact us today at (888) 448-0302