Alumni Program

Landmark Recovery understands that successful treatment does not end the day you leave our facility. As such, we offer a fully integrated support network for all alumni, so that they can continue walking down their road to recovery with the support necessary to achieve success. Our alumni program includes:


Discharge Plan

Patients receive comprehensive, written discharge plans that set them up on the path to success following treatment. This plan includes referrals to private therapists, sober living houses, psychiatrists, local meetings, as well as coping mechanisms and lifestyle guides. Overall, these discharge plans and the alumni program are in place to help patients continue their care and get the help that they will need as they leave a treatment facility. This is especially important when you consider the fact that urges and cravings to use can be the highest about 30 days after abstinence, about the same time patients will leave a treatment facility.


Events and Programs

Our full-time staff has dedicated family therapists to help alumni and their families. These events include Monthly Alumni symposiums featuring keynote speakers, twice-weekly SMART Recovery groups, and weekly AA meetings. Whether you are searching for SMART Recovery or AA meetings, Indianapolis and Louisville are two major cities where Landmark can provide you with local support and help you stay committed to your recovery.


Recovery Coaching:

We offer a Recovery Coach program, a personalized program offering as a supplement to our IOP and alumni programming. You can learn more about the Recovery Coach program here.


What Is Outcome Reporting and Why Do We Use It?

One of the most frequent questions we receive at Landmark Recovery is “what is your success rate?”  This question is often difficult to answer because the definition of success in recovery from addiction can be complicated.  Most would categorize “success” as abstinence from substances; however, abstinence does not always equal success as many of our consumers have co-occurring conditions that abstinence alone does not resolve.


At Landmark Recovery, we believe that success means a reduction in symptoms and an improvement in functioning in most or all life areas.  What this means is that the quality of life and the quality of recovery for our consumers goes up and stays up.  An easy way to measure this is using a standardized scale, meaning a questionnaire that has been tested as valid and reliable in measuring what it aims to measure.  At Landmark Recovery, we measure our outcomes using the Recovery Assessment Scale – Domains and Stages version.  This standardized scale provides an overall recovery quality score and then breaks down the information into domains and stages that relate to the quality of recovery for individuals who are in recovery from mental health disorders, including Substance Use Disorder.  The four domains and stages measured by the RAS-DS include: Doing Things I Value, Looking Forward, Mastering My Illness, and Connecting and Belonging.  By administering this questionnaire to our alumni at regular intervals beginning at admission, we can detect changes that may indicate that a consumer is at risk of relapse and allows for our staff to provide additional supports that may help him or her continue the recovery process successfully.


To learn more about our alumni program, contact one of our dedicated admissions consultants today at 888-448-0302.