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Short Term Drug Rehab Versus Long Term Drug Rehab

by Landmark Recovery

October 26, 2017
A woman sitting inside and thinking to herself that she might have an addiction

Do you have anyone you love who is struggling with alcohol or drug abuse? The best way to help them is through encouraging them to check into a rehabilitation facility that specializes in substance abuse treatment. Though it might be hard to make such a decision, it’s the right thing to do. It is the only way to see your loved one get back to normal. They will become drug and alcohol-free which encourages living a meaningful life. However, there is a debate on short-term rehab versus long term drug rehab.


Time is everyone’s most precious asset. So, when seeking drug rehab, determine how long it will take your loved one to get back on their feet. Drug rehab programs vary in length. It depends on the severity of substance addiction. Furthermore, it is also based on one’s specific life circumstances.

People who use less addictive substances might only require month-long treatments. Alternatively, addicts with severe physical and psychological dependencies might need nearly a year or a combination of therapies. Each addict needs varying levels of continued recovery efforts after clinical treatment.


Inpatient Treatment Options

A group of individuals giving eachother high fives because they choose the right rehab center

When choosing a rehab program for your loved love one, there are many choices to make. Unfortunately, there are not many options to guide you on how to make the right decision. It is not a great idea to choose a drug rehab program where the patient might relapse. There is a likelihood of returning to rehab.


Short-Term Drug Rehab Program

An individual with a watch on their wrist. They are thinking about how long they will attend short term rehab

Short-term treatments typically last between twenty-eight to thirty days. It offers a month free from drug abuse. Further, this program fits the parameters of health insurance policies. This program is more appropriate for people who are not heavy addicts. The thirty-day break from drugs will give him or her a chance to give up addiction and get back to their senses.

This residential treatment program is designed to cater to each patient’s needs, goals, and diagnoses. It begins with an assessment by a physician to determine appropriate treatment. The nurse practitioner begins the patient on a detoxification program or anti-craving medication. With the care of high-level counselors, treatment goes on in either group or individual therapy. Former addicts receive consistent follow-up support until they become drug-free.


How Short-Term Rehab Helps With Addiction

  • Consumes less time

It makes this program beneficial to individuals with job or family responsibilities. This rehab treatment option prevents absenteeism for extended periods. Short term rehab involves absence from work but of shorter sessions. It means your loved one can keep his job and family responsibilities while undergoing treatment.

  • Cheaper alternative

This rehab treatment option takes one month which makes it more economical. Even when paying for the treatment yourself, this option is pocket-friendly. You can easily mobilize funds for treatment from family and friends. Further, this treatment option is covered by health insurance. The Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act (ACA) makes substance abuse an essential health benefit covered by the majority of health insurance plans. Another benefit is financing options which are easily accessible since there is less money required.

  • Offer same core treatment at longer options

Despite lasting only thirty days, it does not mean that patients miss out on core treatment. Short term rehab programs also offer treatments such as interpersonal process groups, psychotherapy, relapse prevention training plus aftercare. It means only the length changes, but there is an excellent possibility of achieving the same results.


Long-Term Drug Rehab Program

A small group of individuals in drug and alcohol rehab sitting together

Long-term drug rehabilitation comes in a variety of forms. These include a twelve-step program with a simultaneous diagnosis of secondary mental condition and therapy. The twelve step model entail meetings regularly to remind former addicts to remain sober. Long-term rehab ranges from a few months to a year or more. Hear a strong discipline imposed by recovering members. Those who work hard smoothly get their way to better responsibility.


How Long Should Rehab Last

A woman sitting inside and thinking to herself that she might have an addiction

Residential drug rehab programs are the most appropriate options when seeking treatment from addiction. It’s the most efficient option especially if the person is seeking treatment for the first time. Rehab programs usually last thirty, sixty or ninety days. The addicts are required to live full time at the treatment center. Each person receives treatment which generally lasts about fifty or more hours of therapy each week.

Addicts from substances such as marijuana and psychedelic drugs achieve excellent results with shorter inpatient programs. Those with problems from substances like heroin, meth, and cocaine might require a three-month plan. It’s the best option for long-lasting results.


Finding The Right Rehab Center

There are over 14,000 rehab treatment centers all over the U.S. You need to look out for one which offers crucial essentials to an effective addiction treatment program. This program will enable achieving sobriety and abstinence from drugs. Each person has particular needs and requirements for long-lasting recovery. So, it’s essential that you find the best addiction treatment program.

With a multitude of options, you need ideas on how to narrow down to the best drug and alcohol recovery center Don’t leave the health and future of your loved one to chance, consider calling Landmark Recovery. These offer the necessary help to get addicts back on the right track. Never hesitate to call Landmark Recovery at 1-888-448-0302. With their assistance, your loved one will get a chance to live the life they dreamed.

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