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Sigourney Weaver Talks about Alcoholism in “The Good House”

by Landmark Recovery

September 30, 2022
Sigourney Weaver in The Good House

Alcohol Addiction the Focus of “The Good House”

In an interview promoting her new movie “The Good House” with radio station WBUR actress Sigourney Weaver reflects on alcoholism. In the film, Weaver plays Hildy Good, a New England real estate agent desperately trying to save her company while struggling with alcoholism. Weaver said she hopes that by seeing the film, more women feel comfortable talking about substance use.

“Alcoholism can creep up on you. That’s often how it appears,” she told WBUR. “I think if it can shed light on any of that for any of the audience, if I can take them with me on this journey with Hildy and be together for this kind of epiphany, I’m very grateful that I can be part of that.”


Drinking Alone

In the movie, Weaver’s character says things like wine doesn’t really count as drinking, and explains she’s not drinking alone because her dogs are home. She shrugs off drinking and driving. Throughout the movie, Good breaks the fourth wall and makes confessions to the audience. “The Good House” does a good job exploring some of the things women experiencing alcohol use disorder tell themselves. Things like: it gives us swagger, it lets us be the best version of ourselves, in helps us hang with the boys.

In one scene Good (played by Weaver) attends a meeting for those dealing with alcohol use disorder. She told WBUR that in order to prepare for that scene she met with people who’ve experienced a drinking problem. Some of them even make an appearance in the scene.

“I was so touched that they would bring their truth and authenticity to this scene,” Weaver said. “I feel, as Hildy, that I could feel that.”

Weaver said that some of her own family members struggle with alcoholism. She said she wanted to show how many women feel drinking makes them more confident and helps them cope with stress, but as the audience sees her pour glass after glass, we realize she’s out of control. Good fakes that she’s in recovery and tries to hide her drinking from her adult daughters, who stage an intervention.

While the movie covers more ground than just Good’s drinking, substance use remains a focal point of the plot. We won’t give away the ending, but let’s just say, if you need some uplifting and reinforcement that life can be better without a glass of wine in your hand then this movie is worth a watch. Some critics are already saying Weaver, 72, deserves an Oscar for this performance. You be the judge.




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