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Sober Fact
Alcohol is the most dangerous drug available, according to harm reduction experts.
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Phenibut pills produce similar effects to alcohol, but are very addictive.
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About 80% of patients say their life and health improved after completing drug and alcohol treatment.
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65% of patients relapse within 90 days of addiction treatment.
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Ketamine is used to treat some forms of addiction and depression.
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An anthrax outbreak occurred in Scotland when bone meal was mixed with heroin.
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Benadryl overdose can cause hallucinations.

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Sounds Like: wun.vee.el.ess.dee

Classification: Psychedelic Lysergamide

Controlled Substance Act Schedule: I (as LSD analogue)

Other names for 1V-LSD

  • Valerie

1V-LSD Addiction

1-valeryl-D-lysergic acid diethylamide (1V-LSD), commonly called “Valerie,” is a psychedelic substance that produces near-identical effects as LSD. The drug acts on receptors in the brain, often creating hallucinations, time distortion, and ego loss.

The drug first appeared on the black market in summer of 2021 as a “research chemical” useful for getting around legal loopholes that don’t make its use illegal. There has never been a record of its manufacture or development in history before it appeared. In 1988, the DEA may have unintentionally predicted the use of 1-akylated lysergamide derivatives in getting around the law, much like the intentions behind making 1V-LSD. 1V-LSD holds a gray legal status in the US. Under the Federal Analogue Act, it could theoretically be considered a prodrug of LSD, which would make manufacture and possession prosecutable.

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Intended Use of 1V-LSD

1V-LSD is believed to have been created in the summer of 2021, possibly as an attempt to get around laws banning LSD so that users could achieve the same effects. The drug has a slightly different absorption rate than LSD and is believed to be more stimulating and “fast-paced” in terms of its physical and cognitive effects.

How 1V-LSD Is Taken

The threshold for achieving effects with 1V-LSD via dissolving blotter paper  is 15 µg, with a heavy dose being 300µg or more. Effects typically last 8-12 hours, with aftereffects lasting up to 24 hours. The current theory on how it works is that the drug is a partial agonist of serotonin receptors in the brain.

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Side Effects of

It’s possible to suffer from brief “acid flashbacks,” but the mechanism that causes these is poorly understood. Those who take it and don’t expect the effects can have panic attacks during a bad trip, leading to tachycardia. Sometimes lysergic-acid-diethylamide-based substances can leave users with persistent “visual snow,” where the brain has trouble resetting back to baseline sensory processing. There is no known toxic dose of 1V-LSD in humans.

The psychedelic effects of 1V-LSD can be quickly shut down through the use of benzodiazepines. On the opposite end of the spectrum, cannabis use can intensify the effects of 1V-LSD to an extreme amount. Lithium, a drug used to treat bipolar disorder, can greatly increase the risk of psychosis in users along with users of other psychedelic drugs. Do not take any substance without first consulting a doctor. In this case, 1V-LSD may technically fall in a legal gray area, but in most states it’s an illegal substance to possess. The risks outweigh the positives.

Users can expect effects including, but not limited to:

  • Euphoria
  • Stimulation
  • Laughter fits
  • Hallucination
  • Bodily sensations

Adverse subjective effects can include:

  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Delusions
  • Seizures

Signs of an
Addiction to 1V-LSD

It shows no addictive properties, and is extremely difficult to abuse. There’s a strong tolerance effect with the use of 1V-LSD, meaning that it takes two weeks for the effects to have full potency in humans again. The body is not physically affected by the drug, and any physical effect is caused by a person’s reaction to the psychedelic effects.

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