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Students of Recovery Scholarship

Landmark Students of Recovery Scholarship

Landmark Recovery awards two $500 scholarships to college students each semester. It’s just one of the ways Landmark helps people reach their full potential.

Thousands of students on college campuses across the nation struggle with addiction while managing class loads, social lives, and in some cases holding down part-time jobs. It is estimated that more than 30% of college students who use drugs or alcohol meet the criteria for a substance use disorder, and according to the U.S. Surgeon General, only 1 in 10 of these individuals will wind up seeking treatment.

College can often be the first time that individuals are free from parental supervision, placed in a high-stress academic environment coupled with peer pressure and a high degree of personal responsibility for balancing work, school, and academics. It can be difficult for college students to speak openly about these issues, let alone find the support and services they need to stay sober and successful in their college careers.

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Scholarship Questions

As an incoming or current college student, you have a unique, first-hand glimpse of how substance abuse can impact your own life or the lives of your peers. The college setting is a crucial stepping stone in physical, mental, social, and career development, so it is important that institutions are equipped to adequately tackle the issue of substance abuse. To apply, you are required to write a 1,000-word minimum essay on the following prompt:

“What does substance abuse look like on your campus, and what steps do you think your administration (or any college administration) could take to address this issue in a meaningful way?”

To apply or the scholarship please enter your essay and all contact information directly onto the submission page below. Upon completion, simply click “Submit”.

  • For undergraduate students only
  • Each applicant may only submit one (1) entry
  • Landmark Recovery reserves the right to disqualify duplicate entries.
  • Landmark employees and their immediate family members are excluded from consideration.
  • The application deadline for the spring 2022 scholarship is May 31, 2022.
  • Scholarships will be awarded on or before June 30, 2022.

Describe, in 1,000 words or more, the following: What does substance abuse look like on your campus, and what steps do you think your administration (or any college administration) could take to address this issue in a meaningful way?


Grading Criteria

Each essay will be graded on writing style, supporting facts, and the writer’s own personal thoughts/opinions, as well as technical writing ability.


By submitting an application to Landmark Recovery you certify that all the information you have provided is accurate and complete. You agree to transfer all rights and ownership of your essay and all submitted information to Landmark Recovery. Additionally, you also agree that your name, essay, and award amount may be used on our website, through announcements, or articles (i.e. social media, newsletter, etc) issued by Landmark Recovery. You may remain anonymous if requested in your original submission. The winner of the essay scholarship is completely at the discretion of Landmark Recovery.

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