Success Stories

Success Stories

Landmark Recovery believes in the further advancement of our patients. Recovery does not stop when our patients walk out the door. It continues through life’s never-ending journey, and we provide the necessary resources, relationships, and treatment to ensure success upon completion of our drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. The success stories below are actual people who achieved tremendous results with our program and continue to walk the road to recovery.

Ian – Dedicated and Brave” 

Ian came to Landmark Recovery intoxicated, angry and in complete denial of the seriousness of his addiction to heroin, benzodiazepines, and alcohol. While Ian had experienced a great deal of emotional pain and trauma in his childhood years and adolescence, he didn’t turn to drugs until his mid-thirties after sustaining an injury during a military deployment. Like so many others that become enslaved to addictions, Ian never thought that occasional heroin use would take over his life to become the only thing that mattered.

When Ian began treatment at Landmark Recovery nearly one year ago he was focused on discharge from the moment he walked through the doors. He wanted to transfer out to another facility, and only when that option fell through did Ian resolve to the fact that he would need to complete thirty days of treatment to avoid legal charges. Ian went through the motions for a few days and attended meetings and groups, but didn’t feel any motivation to change during the first week of treatment.

Ian described what happened during his second week at Landmark Recovery as a “spiritual awakening” that opened his eyes to the reality of self-destructive behaviors that might eventually kill him. Over the next few weeks, Ian began to disclose with his therapist painful early life experiences. Ian was finally working on issues that had haunted him for decades. He started to make peace with his past and was willing to do the work necessary to bring about a healthy and prosperous future.

After completing thirty days of inpatient treatment at Landmark Recovery, Ian went on to a sober living house for men. He’s still living there today and has gained many friends and mentors that provide daily encouragement and support. Ian started working at Landmark Recovery as a Chemical Dependency Technician five months ago, and eagerly shares his personal story of addiction, recovery and hope to other participants of our substance abuse program.

Congratulations, Ian, on nearly one year of sobriety! You are an inspiration to so many, and the pinnacle of courage, perseverance, and resilience to others struggling with their own addictions.

Joy – 

I’easha was addicted to crack for most of her adolescence and adulthood. Childhood was hard, and she watched her mother self-destruct to alcohol abuse. Life began to collapse around her as she repeatedly got fired from jobs, damaged relationships with friends, and saw her health deteriorating before her own eyes.

I’easha tried to quit on her own a few times, and was able to stay sober for a few months before the urge to use became unbearable and she succumbed. Rock bottom occurred without warning when she found herself in jail for drug charges. Ironically, the hardest time of her life was also the occasion that I’easha would later describe as the moment that saved her life.

Sitting in a jail cell, I’easha realized that if she didn’t get clean, and stay clean, that she would likely overdose on crack and die. Once released, I’easha checked herself into Landmark Recovery of Louisville’s residential treatment program. She didn’t know what to expect but was dedicated to getting the most out of treatment as she could. I’easha didn’t just attend groups, she was fully invested in them. As painful as it was, I’easha addressed the trauma of her early years and devastating experiences from her past. She began to open up in groups about her life as an addict, cried with peers and her therapist, and learned relapse prevention strategies.

I’easha has three months of sobriety, attends daily AA meetings and is attending college to be a drug and alcohol counselor. She has surrounded herself with positive role models and eliminated the bad influences. The road to recovery has been long and immensely challenging, but you’re on the right path I’easha. We applaud you for your perseverance, and will continue to support you for months and years to come!