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The Empowerment of Recovery After Overcoming Addiction

by Landmark Recovery

April 18, 2022
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An addiction to drugs or alcohol can leave a person feeling powerless. Substances can take control of our lives, but through recovery we can find a sense of empowerment. When we learn how to control cravings and triggers that could lead to a relapse, we discover an inner strength that can help us live more productive and meaningful lives.

Empowerment is a mighty concept. To empower someone is to motivate, to encourage, to inspire them. Through empowerment we become stronger and more confident, especially when it comes to regaining control of your life from an addiction. It all starts with the first step towards recovery and placing value in yourself. We begin to realize just how powerful we truly are. But how can someone find empowerment through recovery, which is often the hardest point in their life? What does empowerment look like?

“I got sick and tired of being sick and tired,”
-Erica Y., a former patient at Landmark Recovery

Empowerment looks different for everyone. For Erica Y., who went through inpatient rehab and intensive outpatient treatment at Landmark Recovery of Las Vegas, empowerment meant rebuilding her relationship with her husband and their children and being more present in their lives. Erica began her recovery from alcoholism in 2010 after drinking heavily for 10 years. She had two daughters and was enrolled in college when she began to relapse and started abusing Adderall (amphetamine/dextroamphetamine). Initially, the use of the drug helped her focus on studying, but she became detached as a parent. Erica became fixated on school and her grades. Once again, a substance held power over her.

“My husband took out a personal loan without my knowledge,” Erica said. “He told me we needed it to get us back on track, but I knew it was because of my addiction. That’s when I knew I needed help.”

Along with the continuous support of her husband and father, Landmark Recovery helped Erica get her life back on track. Through substance abuse treatment she learned how to love herself and rekindled the interest she had in hobbies she had forgotten about years ago, like reading and doing crossword puzzles. Erica’s self-esteem was boosted to new heights. Along with the strong support system of women that she’s met through recovery, the self-love and acceptance practices that Landmark has instilled in her has been vital in maintaining her sobriety.

“Recovery has given me the strength to be present for my kids and my husband,” Erica said. “It has given me self-esteem. I didn’t have any self-esteem before treatment.”

Living Beyond Addiction

At Landmark Recovery, we equip individuals who are struggling with addiction with the tools they need to live beyond their addiction. We encourage our patients to use their story to empower themselves and those around them. We stress the importance of self-love and acceptance to pave the way towards a successful recovery.

Erica is one of the many people who are living proof that an addiction to drugs or alcohol does not have to define you. Once you break the chains of substance abuse and start living your life of recovery you will open doors to new opportunities. Whether empowerment in recovery is rebuilding your relationship with your children or your significant other, getting a new job, furthering your education, starting a new hobby or improving your physical, mental and spiritual well-being, it all starts with that first step towards treatment.

If you or a loved one need help with a drug or alcohol addiction call Landmark Recovery at 725-217-9910 to explore treatment options. You’re under no obligation to commit to treatment.


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