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Does the thought of meditation, yoga, prayer, or spirituality feel foreign to you? It does for a lot of people, yet spirituality is a central talking point for those who are in recovery from drugs and alcohol. Landmark Recovery‘s Michael Walsh interviews Sloane Spanierman, Director of Business Development for Crisis Case Management, about her own journey with addiction, alcoholism, loss and grief, as well as the numerous and unusually coincidental ways those very human struggles have allowed her to connect with and help others. Sloane also shares what meditation is for her and how you can’t “do it wrong,” her near-death experience that strengthened her faith, and why she chooses to practice gratitude. In addition to her role with CCM, Sloane is a spiritual life coach, registered yoga teacher, interventionist, recovery coach, mother, sponsor, and friend to many.

Born out of a true passion to help others, Sloane has co-led therapeutic groups for adolescents with complex mental health struggles and addiction. She is an advocate for premature babies and their mothers. Sloane also has opened and served as Program Director for a female-only sober living facility, intervened, coached and case-managed many.


Sloane was recently featured on “The Know with Nikki Spo”:

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[7:42] One of the gifts of sobriety and recovery: grace.

[10:20] Sloane’s first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Also, how you always have something to offer the world.

[13:00] Spirituality, meditation, the practice of prayer, and yoga.

[17:15] You don’t get sober overnight. It takes time to get back to your true self.

[18:05] Rebuilding the bridge from the head to the heart.

[19:15] “I stayed sober out of spite. … At a certain moment, it was not about the not drinking. It was about, ‘How am I going to fill this cup – of my life – that is dry?”

[27:24] A commentary on books “The Tipping Point” and “Let It Be Easy.”

[28:20] “When I’m not looking through the lens of how difficult things can be, things seem to move much more swimmingly.”

[29:20] The concept of a higher power, or God, in recovery.

[32:10] How do you stay sober when you have been through so much pain?

[34:30] “Having nothing larger than myself was darker than death.”

[38:30] “This isn’t a sobriety thing. This is a human thing.”.

About the Author

Michael Walsh

Michael Walsh currently serves as Director of Clinical Outreach for Landmark Recovery. Michael is a Certified Intervention Professional, holds a Master’s degree in counseling and works as a consultant and coach. With more than 25 years of experience in the behavioral health field, Michael has worked extensively with individuals and families and licensed professionals affected by complex issues. He is a current board member of the C4 Recovery Foundation and the past president and CEO of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. Michael has been an advocate for patient and families’ rights, has developed recovery programs at various levels of care, and influenced policy at national and international levels. He also is a sought-after speaker regarding behavioral health issues, treatment and recovery issues, and he advocates for change in the current systems of behavioral health, addiction, and mental health for individuals and families.

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