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Welcome to This Week in Recovery, a weekly recap of the 5 biggest stories in the recovery industry.


When Teen Drinking Becomes A Disorder – New York Times

It is no secret that high school students and college-aged teenagers drink, even in situations that may be dangerous. However, this type of binge drinking can actually lead to alcohol use disorder. Genetic and environmental factors also play a large role. Other predecessors of alcohol problems include depression, aggression, and antisocial behavior.


Throwing Out Old Prescription Drugs Isn’t Always Safe – Washington Post

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day is this week, a nationwide event sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Agency that is in place to help people dispose of drugs safely. If prescription pills aren’t disposed of properly, they could fuel someone’s substance use disorder and maybe even cause an overdose.


The U.S. Opioid Crisis By The Numbers – Al Jazeera

Over the past two decades, the opioid crisis has only gotten worse. In that time, there have been nearly 400,000 deaths linked to overdoses of opioids in the United States. Moreover, nearly a quarter million of those deaths are linked to prescription opioids specifically.


Thousands Dead But Duterte’s Drug War Wildly Popular – Washington Post

The war on drugs in the Philippines has killed thousands of people and drawn global attention, even from organizations like the United Nations. Despite this, Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign is incredibly popular in the country. Polling last month put Duterte’s satisfaction rating at 78 percent with a much higher rating among wealthier Filipinos.


Avicii’s Father Opens Up About Son’s Death – CBS News

Avicii was an international superstar and one of the biggest names in music when he died in 2018. In a documentary filmed shortly before his death, Avicii opened up about some of the struggles that he was dealing with, including addiction and depression. In a new interview with his father, Klas Bergling, Bergling said “I think it’s brave of him to open up that way.”

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