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Addiction Treatment Expectations

What You Can Expect from Addiction Treatment at Landmark Recovery

Addiction treatment expectations about recovery programs for drug and alcohol addictions often range from a psychiatric ward to a luxury retreat. The reality is that the time you spend in a residential treatment center is somewhere in between. You’ll be in an isolated environment designed to let you focus on rediscovering who you are, and developing an understanding of what you can be. You’ll have a comfortable bed, three nutritious meals a day, and a caring team to help you every step of the way.

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What you can expect at Landmark Recovery is a staff dedicated to helping you find and maintain recovery from a substance use disorder. Your days will be structured around therapy and counseling designed to empower you to live the life you want. We tailor treatment to meet your individual needs, and use evidence-based programs to help you identify triggers that could lead to relapse. We also teach you strategies to deal with cravings for drugs or alcohol. We’re here to listen. We’re here to encourage. We’re here to tell you the truth.

Recovering from an addiction is no walk in the park, but for patients willing to put in the work and trust in the clinical professionals at Landmark Recovery the goal of living a healthier, happier life is possible. One of the hardest steps for anyone struggling with a substance use disorder is admitting there is a problem and asking for help. Enrolling in treatment at Landmark is a brave and commendable step in the direction of recovery. Once you come inside our treatment center you’ll quickly discover what is possible.

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How Soon Can I Get Care?

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What to Expect from Residential Addiction Treatment

The residential addiction treatment program is designed to be around 25 to 35 days in length. However, each patient’s participation in the program may be longer or shorter depending on medical necessity, insurance coverage and the progression of treatment. The program consists of individual therapy, group therapy, fitness activities, enrichment sessions, lectures, and other activities designed to restore the patient’s ability to function in his or her home environment without the use of a substance. Each patient receives least two hours of individual and 21 hours of group therapy per week.

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Because no addiction is the same, we offer a broad approach to recovery that leaves room to tailor a recovery plan for every individual patient. During a patient’s stay, they can expect exposure to the following methods of treatment.

No one at Landmark will tell you that rehab is easy, but you won’t go through this transformative process alone. Many of our staff members have struggled with addiction and worked their way to sustained recovery. While some of the most intensive work in recovery will be accomplished in treatment, individuals who have enrolled with us should begin thinking about their long term goals. A large part of recovery is creating a structured plan and deciding if you are looking for total sobriety or want to regain control over the substances you use. In order to achieve those goals you need to learn about the disease of addiction, and develop a realistic expectation of what recovery really is, along with a positive attitude about yourself.