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What is SMART Recovery?

by Landmark Recovery

April 3, 2018
A woman researching SMART Recovery on her laptop

Looking for a drug and alcohol rehab that integrates holistic, diverse, and cutting-edge treatment into your recovery program? Landmark Recovery offers SMART Recovery as part of their comprehensive program for the treatment of substance abuse disorders.


What is SMART Recovery?

A woman researching SMART Recovery on her laptop

SMART Recovery stands for self-management and recovery training. This program is a support program that teaches people how to manage their addictions by focusing on unhealthy thought patterns and beliefs. SMART is a self-empowerment program.

SMART Recovery uses a 4-point program that focuses on building the skills necessary for maintaining sobriety.


Point One – Building and Maintaining Motivation:

Motivation during sobriety comes and goes. It’s easier to manage life stressors when you feel inspired and focused. What happens when enthusiasm fades? You will learn how to STAY SOBER through individual therapy and group activities that reignite your “fire” to keep moving forward.


Point Two – Coping With Urges:

Cravings can be immensely difficult to deal with, and point two explores the triggers behind them. Going back to the concept of empowerment, once you are aware of stressors that cause the urge to relapse you will be better prepared to deal with cravings.


Point Three – Managing Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors:

The concept of irrational beliefs is explored, and individuals are taught how to recognize distorted thinking that leads to relapse. Examining why you think the way you do is important during this stage.


Point Four – Living a Balanced Life:

Participants take an inventory of what’s important to them and use it to make a plan for the future. Coping skills, community resources and relapse prevention skills are introduced as tools that help you stay sober long-term.

There is a certain practicality and usefulness that proponents draw strength from, and individuals also build an inner-resiliency that serves to guide them through life’s challenges and failures. If your looking for recovery tools that you can apply to your life right now, look into this philosophy for help.


Wrap Up

The program doesn’t make false promises or claim to be the one-size-fits-all approach for every addict. It does, however, encourage you to examine yourself deeply, in a way that you never have before. Being able to understand why you gravitate towards drugs or alcohol, why you hurt people, (including yourself) and how you can effectively make small but lasting changes are a few of the profound lessons you can expect to learn from classes.

The SMART Recovery program centers around behavioral and cognitive methods that enable YOU to take ownership of your addiction, life, and recovery. Meetings are structured but the agenda is flexible, and every participant has the opportunity to speak about how their recovery is progressing.


Next Steps

Are you struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol and looking for a drug and alcohol recovery program? Landmark Recovery has built a reputation for providing individualized treatment that meets you where you’re at. You’re not just a number to us, and our team of dedicated professionals is waiting to greet you with compassion, understanding, and respect. Tomorrow is uncertain. Call one of our caring professionals today to talk about treatment or SMART recovery for your addiction that will help you get your life back.

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