A Day in Treatment

A Day in Treatment

Most days in our treatment program are long, but productive. We do our very best to maximize the value of the program to our patients, in order to increase chances of long term success. No two days are identical, as our treatment varies patient by patient. However, for convenience sake, we have outlined  an example of a day in treatment at Landmark below:

8:00 AM: Community Group—In this group, patients will work with our staff to lay out goals for the day, discuss any problems or conflicts they are having, and process what they learned the previous day. This group is accompanied by a continental breakfast.

9:00 AM: Group Therapy—In this group, patients work with our licensed therapists to learn about addiction and process the disease together. (Link to our group therapy page)

12:00 PM: Lunch

12:30 PM: Smart Recovery—An evidence based support group for addicts. (Link)

1:30 PM: Neurofeedback—A scientific breakthrough that trains patients to rewire their brain.

2:30 PM: Individual Therapy—A chance to meet with the patient’s individual therapist and get more in depth with what has been learned in other group settings.

3:30 PM: Art Therapy—An alternative method of therapy that utilizes non-verbal expression to draw out potentially hidden emotions or breakthroughs.

4:30 PM: Yoga

5:30 PM: Dinner

6:00 PM: Off Site 12 Step Meeting

8:30 PM: Community Group—At the end of the day, patients work with our staff to process what they learned and to assess their progress towards their goals.