If you’re concerned that you or a loved one may be suffering from a substance use disorder, it can be difficult to know exactly how to proceed. For many, it can be difficult to differentiate between addiction and isolated periods of abuse. How do you seek help?

At Landmark, our licensed staff members perform thorough assessments to help guide you toward a better understanding of substance use disorders and their treatment.

DETERMINING LEVEL OF CARE: Upon Admission, each patient receives a thorough psychiatric examination and a Biopsychosocial evaluation. These tools help establish the level of care needed to treat the patient, and are vital in determining the course of treatment while at Landmark. Topics covered by these tools include: 

  • Medical symptoms and history
  • Substance use, including history, frequency, and recency
  • Psychiatric and psychological symptoms and history
  • Family and/or employment issues
  • Level of motivation for treatment, including patient’s stated goals and objectives

From these assessments, our staff will work with the patient to develop an Individualized Treatment Plan to achieve the patient’s stated goals by addressing the problems uncovered in the assessments. We will check in on this Treatment Plan at least weekly with the patient to measure progress, re-assess, and make changes as necessary. Treatment does not conclude until we have successfully achieved the key goals laid out in the Treatment Plan.