Your First 24 Hours

Your First 24 Hours

The first 24 hours are crucial for the long term success of treatment. At Landmark, we believe our process works to establish your course of treatment, identify your individualized goals for treatment, and introduce you to the community at the facility.

ARRIVAL: Upon arrival, you will be greeted by our Admissions Consultant, who will walk you and your family through what to expect during your 30 days. You will review crucial consent forms and other notices so you are fully informed of what treatment will consist of, and what will be expected of you during your stay.

PHYSICAL ASSESSMENT: After meeting with the Admissions Consultant, you will say goodbye to family members and complete a History & Physical examination with our Registered  Nurses and Internal Medicine Physician. This examination is vital to identifying any physical health problems that would need to be managed during your stay, and to help set the proper course of treatment. During this phase, you will also complete a drug screen so we can identify what kinds of substances and how much are in your system. This screen is crucial to ensuring we prescribe the proper medications to keep your detoxification as safe and as comfortable as possible.

PSYCHIATRIC ASSESSMENT: The next phase of the process is to meet with our Psychiatrist, who will complete a thorough evaluation in order to diagnose your particular type of Substance Abuse disorder and to identify any co-occurring disorders that may need to be addressed during treatment.

CLINICAL ASSESSMENT: Next, you will meet with your assigned Therapist in order to complete a thorough Biopsychosocial Examination. This evaluation can take up to three hours to complete, and is vital in establishing your personal goals for treatment, identifying triggers, and developing a plan to help you achieve your goals during the course of your stay.

PEER MENTOR: Finally, you will be assigned a peer mentor—a current patient who is further along in treatment. This mentor will be assigned based on common interests, experience, and personality. You will meet with your mentor in order to introduce yourself and get to know each other better. The next day, your peer mentor will introduce you to the larger group, and will continue to be a resource for getting accustomed to the facility during your first few days.