Vivitrol is the first and only non-addictive, once-monthly medication that, when combined with counseling, is proven to help prevent relapse to opioid dependence, after detox. Vivitrol is an antagonist, or blocking medication. Antagonists attach to opioid receptors, but do not cause the release of dopamine. As a result, they block the receptors from activating even if opiates are used. They are non-addictive and do not lead to physical dependence, which differentiates Vivitrol from other maintenance drugs such as Suboxone or Methodone. Vivitrol blocks opioid receptors in the brain for one month at a time, helping patients to prevent relapse to opioid dependence, following detox, while they focus on their road to recovery.

At Landmark, we encourage Opiate users to take Vivitrol post-discharge, as we believe Vivitrol significantly reduces the chance of relapse, and while Suboxone and Methadone can replace one addiction with another, Vivitrol is non-addictive, allowing the patient to live a life that is truly substance free. We even set patients up for their first Vivitrol appointment and ensure follow up during our regularly scheduled Alumni calls.

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