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Alumni Support

Alumni Programs

Recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction doesn’t end when you leave one of Landmark Recovery’s treatment centers. We offer a fully integrated alumni support network for every person who completes treatment. We’ll continue to guide you towards long-term recovery at no extra cost.

Numerous studies show that being part of a support network increases your chances of sustaining long-term recovery. Alumni programs help you connect with others in recovery for fun activities, support groups and accountability. It’s a great way to stay focused on recovery and talk to others about how to deal with triggers or cravings that could lead to a relapse. Our goal is to see you accomplish your goals.

addiction recovery graduates gathering at a bowling alley

Alumni Events

Anyone who completes a drug or alcohol addiction treatment program at one of Landmark Recovery’s facilities can take part in our alumni events. These include fun outings from bowling, game nights and trips to amusement parks to volunteer opportunities with local non-profits. The costs for alumni to participate are covered by Landmark. We also deliver opportunities to hear from addiction experts and partake in exercises designed to keep you motivated and avoid relapse.

Wellness Check-ins

Alumni Coordinators conduct regular wellness calls to see how your recovery is going and offer support and resources.
These calls take place …

  • 48 hours
  • 30 days
  • 60 days
  • 90 days
  • 6 months
  • 1 year

… after you complete treatment.

Alumni Support Meetings

Once you’ve completed addiction treatment you’ll be invited to join weekly alumni group meetings. Structured as a virtual support group, these meetings allow you to talk openly about how your recovery is going. Conversations revolve around successes, struggles and how to achieve your goals. You’ll also learn about possible community connections and other groups available to help.

For Family of Alumni

Family members and support partners of Landmark alumni have several opportunities to take an active role in their loved one’s recovery. This includes attending family support groups led by peer support specialists. These meetings cover topics such as setting healthy boundaries, how not to enable someone with an addiction, co-creating solutions, listening and respect. Landmark also sponsors events for family members to attend, such as trips to local attractions, picnics and banquets.

24/7 Crisis Support

As a Landmark Recovery alumni you have access to our support network 24 hours a day. Alumni coordinators and crisis team members are standing by, whether you need help with resources, readmission to treatment or simply need someone to talk to.

Alumni Inpatient Group for Relapse

Studies show about 50% of people who complete residential treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction will experience a relapse. For some, that could mean returning to treatment. Landmark Recovery offers an alumni inpatient group, exclusively to those who’ve complete treatment, relapsed and returned to a residential care program. The group focuses on why relapse occurred, helping patients examine what recovery strategies worked and what didn’t.

Having a strong support network, with people who understand what you’re going through, can help you not only avoid relapse triggers but deal with them in a healthy way. That’s what Landmark’s alumni networks are all about, holding each other accountable, listening to each other and offering guidance and compassion.

people in a addiction recovery meeting

Many of our alumni use their addiction recovery stories as a way to inspire others to seek treatment. These can include speaking engagements, videos and participation in meetings. We help alumni shape and share their stories to be impactful statements of recovery. These tales of triump over substance use resonate with listeners and move people to action. By sharing your story you can save a life.

Connect with Landmark's Alumni Team.

Please complete the form to contact Landmark Recovery’s alumni team. You can update your contact information to receive communications about upcoming events, request a call, share your story on our Story Corps program or see what employment opportunities are available.


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