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Alcohol Rehab In Kentucky 

by Landmark Recovery

March 1, 2018

If you’re looking for an addiction treatment center in Kentucky, you’re not alone. Middle and Southern states are experiencing staggeringly high numbers of individuals seeking treatment for addictions, primarily opiate and alcohol abuse. What can you expect in a mid-south rehab, and how do treatment options compare to northern states? Find out now and read on to understand how alcohol rehab in Kentucky differs from most.


Kentucky Kentucky Is Geographically Southern, However…

In northern and eastern parts of Kentucky, (Louisville, near Cincinnati) many people classify themselves as “northern.” As you move further along to southern and western areas (Paducah), people often classify themselves as “Midwesterners.” Eastern Kentucky seems to hold its own identity due to the Appalachian mountain influence.


What does geography have to do with alcohol rehab options in Kentucky? Well… A lot!

If you decide to get help for an addiction in southern Kentucky, you’re limited to two options. You can either go to a freestanding psychiatric setting that’s not physically attached to a hospital, or go to your community hospital which likely has an inpatient unit dedicated to serving those with severe mental health disorders.

Both options have a primary population that includes individuals experiencing severe psychiatric problems such as auditory and visual hallucinations, untreated schizophrenia, and mania and aggression resulting from un-managed mood disorders. This presents a problem for the person in Kentucky wanting treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction…

Kentucky Alcohol Treatment in a Traditional Hospital Setting

In addition to sharing your space with individuals experiencing mental health emergencies, there is also a chance that your roommate is suffering from high levels of emotional distress due to poorly managed psychiatric diagnoses. This could lead to your roommate not being able to sleep, begin pacing or even talking out loud, which in turn, results in not enough rest for you.

In freestanding and traditional hospital settings, the primary focus is to stabilize and manage mental health disorders. While it’s true that alcoholism is a legitimate mental health disorder, you will not receive the same amount of care and resources as someone treated for bipolar disorder, psychosis or other psychiatric issues.

Psychiatric hospitals provide necessary resources to the mental health community. Many patients are homeless and enjoy a hot meal and warm bed for the first time in months. Additionally, treatment is geared towards providing medication that stabilizes abnormal neurochemistry resulting from mental health disorders.

The tremendous value of medication cannot be overstated, and when patients respond well to medication their lives dramatically improve.


You probably see where this is going…

If you come into a psychiatric hospital for a substance abuse disorder – expect medication to manage symptoms. You won’t get much regarding counseling or available resources.


Kentucky Alcohol Treatment in a Specialized Addiction Treatment Center

Take a closer look at drug and alcohol rehab centers in Kentucky where there are alternatives to traditional psychiatric hospitals for treatment of addictions. Landmark Recovery opened in September 2016, with a primary vision to save a million lives in a hundred years. With limited options for Kentuckians struggling with alcoholism or drug addictions, Landmark is now providing long overdue and invaluable resources.

When you call Landmark Recovery, our admission consultants will perform a thorough assessment to determine the appropriate level of care for you. Residents are admitted with a primary diagnosis of substance abuse. Many have co-occurring mental health disorders; however, our clinical team ensures that potential patients are emotionally stable and non-threatening before admission occurs.

Every patient has the same common goal: Get sober, and learn skills to stay that way for life. Groups begin early in the day, and patients learn addiction causes and relapse prevention strategies from experienced social workers and drug and alcohol counselors.

Patients meet with their therapists several times a week to receive psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and motivational interviewing counseling methods. So often, addicts repress trauma that accompanies addiction. At Landmark, we believe that to be “whole” again; you’re going to need to work through issues that you’ve ignored, forgotten, or minimized.

Additionally, Landmark Recovery believes that addiction is a family disease. Everyone in your family has been affected by your drinking or drug use, and each one of them needs to understand his or her role as an enabler. Friends and family members also need to learn how to be less codependent so that they can live more fulfilled, balanced and purposeful lives.

Not only do we provide leading individual and family counseling services to Kentuckians, at Landmark, you will also receive Neurofeedback sessions, holistic approaches to care, (yoga and meditation classes) and ongoing resources from our dedicated alumni consultant to help you stay grounded in your recovery walk.

If you’re struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs and looking for the best drug and alcohol recovery, call us today to find out how we stand out from alternatives. Tomorrow is too late – take the first step now!

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