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A conversation with former pro football player Randy Grimes.

In this episode, host Michael Walsh talks to former pro football player Randy Grimes about his illustrious career playing football through college, his time with the Buccaneers, and finding recovery. Learn Randy’s story and what he has to say about recovery as a pro athlete, maintaining the self in recovery, what it was like playing football when painkillers and benzos were a very common part of the sport experience, and exemplifying the hope of recovery to those who have a similar story.

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To find out more about Randy Grimes and his initiatives toward rescuing pro athletes from the jaws of addiction, check out his website here:

Show Notes:

[0:54] Who is Randy Grimes?

[5:50] “I was willing to do whatever I could to stay out on the field.”

[10:00] “It’s a job, not a game.”

[13:19] Benzo withdrawals

[21:17] Maintaining the self in recovery

[26:20] “Crawling through the door that night was the hardest thing that I ever did.”

[34:00] Healing the family

[39:20] “Each person that sees you can see the hope of recovery.”

About the Author

Michael Walsh

Michael Walsh currently serves as Director of Clinical Outreach for Landmark Recovery. Michael is a Certified Intervention Professional, holds a Master’s degree in counseling and works as a consultant and coach. With more than 25 years of experience in the behavioral health field, Michael has worked extensively with individuals and families and licensed professionals affected by complex issues. He is a current board member of the C4 Recovery Foundation and the past president and CEO of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. Michael has been an advocate for patient and families’ rights, has developed recovery programs at various levels of care, and influenced policy at national and international levels. He also is a sought-after speaker regarding behavioral health issues, treatment and recovery issues, and he advocates for change in the current systems of behavioral health, addiction, and mental health for individuals and families.

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