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Two Sides to the Story

February 1st, 2022
two sides

Putting Zach in the hot seat, Michael interviews Zach and his wife, Emily, about their relationship, Zach’s recovery, and how they have successfully navigated addiction recovery in both their personal and professional lives. They talk about their support groups, sticking with therapy, and having the courage to talk about hard things as they build a life as a couple and growing family. Emily Schwartz Crouch is an Episcopal Priest and Marriage and Family Therapist based in Louisville, KY. She is married to Zach Crouch, and they have two children. Emily has worked as a parish priest, as well as a chaplain, before becoming licensed as an MFT. She enjoys working with families, couples, teens and adults. Her specialties include anxiety & depression, integration of spirituality into therapy, grief & loss, and complex trauma & loss. In particular, she works through a trauma-informed lens, using EMDR and other approaches to help families and individuals.

Zach Crouch is the Strategic Account Liaison for Landmark Recovery. He is also a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, graduating with his master’s from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Zach has worked with addiction in multiple capacities: as an IOP therapist and as operator of an acute medical detoxification unit in Norton Hospital. His passion in this field springs from being in his own recovery process for 15 years.


[5:25] Starting a relationship with someone in recovery.

[8:40] Losing a brother to opioid addiction.

[9:25] Addiction recovery is a part of our story.

[12:50] Personal therapy and meeting attendance is still a must.

[13:40] The temptation to look at, or criticize, your significant other’s program or recovery journey.

[16:25] Healthy dialogue about recovery in the family system.

[19:25] The social repercussions of not having important conversations.

[21:25] The fear of relapse.

[29:25] Practicing humility and trusting the process.

[33:25] What is the secret to your healthy relationship and strong recovery?


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