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Sober Fact
About 80% of patients say their life and health improved after completing drug and alcohol treatment.
Sober Fact
65% of patients relapse within 90 days of addiction treatment.
Sober Fact
Phenibut pills produce similar effects to alcohol, but are very addictive.
Sober Fact
Alcohol is the most dangerous drug available, according to harm reduction experts.
Sober Fact
Ketamine is used to treat some forms of addiction and depression.
Sober Fact
An anthrax outbreak occurred in Scotland when bone meal was mixed with heroin.
Sober Fact
Benadryl overdose can cause hallucinations.

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Sounds Like: PEE.SEA.PEE

Classification: Dissociative Arylcyclohexylamine

Controlled Substance Act Schedule: II

Other names for PCP

  • phencyclidine
  • peace pill
  • sherm sticks
  • peeps
  • crystal joints
  • rocket fuel
  • sawgrass
  • the sheets
  • elephant tranquilizer
  • angel dust
  • sherman
  • sernyl
  • wet
  • supergrass
  • boat
  • tic tac
  • zoom
  • ozone
  • hog
  • wack

PCP Addiction

PCP was originally developed in the 1950s as an anesthetic for surgical procedures, but patients began suffering from postoperative delirium and hallucinations once waking. Since then, it’s been illegal but manufactured and recreationally used in a variety of ways for those looking to get high.

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Intended Use of PCP

When legal, PCP was used as an anesthetic for surgery, but quickly went out of favor when the side effects became well-known to doctors. It’s been illegal for use since then.

How PCP Is Taken

PCP can be swallowed, smoked, or snorted. A regular dose of PCP averages around 5 to 10 mg. The most common method of using PCP non-medically is by soaking a leafy material in PCP and then rolling it in rolling papers to smoke. Other ways of smoking PCP are achieved by dipping either a marijuana joint or a cigarette in liquid PCP.

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Side Effects of

Effects usually take five to ten minutes before appearing. Some users have reported effects 24 to 48 hours after using. PCP can induce schizophrenic-like effects in users.

Some of the physical side effects include:

  • increased blood pressure
  • rapid and shallow breathing
  • elevated heart rate
  • elevated temperature

PCP can cause users to feel a detachment from the outside world, numbness, slurred speech, and loss of motor coordination. Blank staring and rapid eye movement are common. Catatonic posturing, resembling that observed with schizophrenia, can also happen in users.

Signs of an
Addiction to PCP

PCP can become addictive to those who use it compulsively. Signs of long term non-medical PCP use can include persistent speech difficulties, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression, and social withdrawal.

Abuse Facts

Aaron Hernandez, former New England Patriots football player, allegedly used PCP recreationally, leading to him becoming paranoid and remaining armed because of this for a long time before his arrest.