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What Sets Landmark Recovery Apart?

by Matt Boyle, CEO

November 29, 2021
landmark recovery

Our goals

Landmark Recovery is dedicated to becoming the most cutting edge addiction treatment company this country has ever seen. Landmark believes that everyone is capable of unlocking their potential if they’re given the right tools to do so. This is where Landmark comes in–we give you the tools you need to succeed in your journey towards recovery.

Landmark is not just another treatment center, not just a “better” rehab, not just a place that provides a little extra therapy, not just a location with good amenities and food, not just a success rate percentage, not just people who care. Landmark offers all of that, but Landmark is a family that gives you the keys to unlock your potential. We directly partner with patients by providing therapeutic tools, realigning perceptions, and establishing new patterns of behavior.

What sets us apart?

Masters-level clinicians

Landmark Recovery’s clinicians all must be at the masters-level, meaning they possess at minimum a master’s degree. This ensures we have the best-experienced workforce across the board at our facilities when treating some of America’s most vulnerable populations.

Double the hours of therapy vs. the national average

At Landmark Recovery, we believe in treating the root causes of addiction. There’s no more effective way to accomplish this than through therapy that addresses why the person struggling with substance abuse issues is struggling. This is why we’ve undertaken a push to foreground our therapy treatments that take place parallel to regular treatment.

Free alumni services

Landmark provides access to alumni services for graduates of our programs so you can maintain your recovery lifestyle from the moment you leave our care.

Evidence-based individualized treatment focused on the root cause of addiction

Science, the process by which we’ve come to build models of our world and how it works, has given us many scientific conclusions on why and how drug addiction happens in humans. Those reasons, coupled with numerous conclusions about evidence-based treatment that actually works, form the foundations of how we’ve developed our robust treatment plans moving forward. Constantly reviewed and updated with the latest data, our plans stand above past treatment regimens from the rigour alone. We want to have the most cutting-edge methods in use as possible, and using science to guide our path forward is one of the best things we can do for our patients.


If we’re going to target all people in this country who suffer from substance use disorders, then one of our goals should be to make addiction treatment as affordable as possible. This is why we’re extremely proud to incorporate Medicaid-targeting addiction treatment through our Praxis locations across the Midwest and beyond.

Transportation to and from our facilities

We offer transportation to and from our facilities as needed. Stuck in a small town 3 hours away or in the next major city over? Landmark can arrange transportation for you to get to our facility so you can get the treatment you need. Don’t feel like you’re stuck in one spot forever–that’s why we equip you to take charge of your life.

Learn more

Landmark Recovery is in the business of creating new traditions in treating addiction for the future. In the past we had successful programs like AA and NA, but this represents us crossing over into a new frontier of addiction treatment individualized for all who come through our doors. The future of addiction treatment is now–our goal is to pioneer the way forward.

If you are or a loved one is struggling with substance use disorder, give us a call at 888-448-0302 to learn more about how you can be a part of Landmark Recovery’s addiction treatment methods. Unlock your potential once again and live beyond addiction.