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Safe Injection Facilities

What Happens to Seized Drugs?

Dangers of Combining Percocet and Weed

Walmart In Justice Department Lawsuit For Fanning The US Opioid Epidemic

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A young woman thinking about the effects of peer pressure

Peer Pressure and Drugs

A lab where individuals can conduct drug testing.

What Are Kentucky Laws Regarding Drug Testing Employees?

Charts that can display overdose deaths rates in Kentucky

What Drug Has Caused The Most Deaths In Kentucky?

A gavel used in court proceeding's regarding Purdue Pharma

Purdue Pharma Pleads Guilty To Opioid Charges

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Differences Between Legalization & Decriminalization Of Drugs In Oregon

Legalization Vs. Decriminalization Of Drugs In Oregon

A woman holding her hands in a heart shape over her belly.

Kentucky State Laws On Drug Testing Newborns

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