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Gift Ideas for Your Friends or Family Members in Recovery

by Landmark Recovery

December 1, 2021
family members in recovery

While gifts like wine, imported beer, wine and shot glasses are popular gifts around the holidays, they might not be the best choice for everyone in your life. In most cases, you will know if your friend or loved one has a healthy relationship with alcohol, or if they are in recovery from an alcohol use disorder (AUD). But if for any reason you are unsure, lean toward an alternative gift. In need of gift ideas? We have you covered.

Think about it this way: a gift is a great opportunity to show your friend or loved one (especially those in recovery from alcohol use) that you know them and recognize what is important to them. Focus on who they are and what they like, and you will find the perfect gift!

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

Coffee Table Book

Do they like to travel, garden, or decorate? Are they interested in art, music, or history? Have they visited a monument, national park, or country that they still talk about to this day? Coffee table books are a personal, thoughtful gift and often a gift we do not buy for ourselves.

Luxurious Scents

From bath salts and soaps to potpourri and candles, soothing and clean and seasonal scents are always a great gift. Vanilla, lavender, and linen are a few best-selling scents, but peppermint, eucalyptus, and sandalwood are both clean and therapeutic.

Fitness Classes

A very practical thing that you can give your loved one is fitness classes! Have they been talking about wanting to try a cycling or boxing class? Do you know that they would love a yoga membership? Many places offer package deals for a handful of classes and reasonable monthly memberships.

A Memorable Experience

For those who are fans of experiences, think about the activities they enjoy. Do they like to travel or try new eateries? Gift them a certificate or credit toward a restaurant or their favorite travel lodging service (such as Airbnb or Vrbo).

A Good Night’s Sleep for the Outdoorsman (or Woman)

If your friend is a lover of the great outdoors, could they use a new hat or Patagonia pullover? Have you heard of a sleeping pad? (I hadn’t.) Apparently it is a game changer when camping; the sleeping pad provides an extra layer between the ground and whatever you’re sleeping on (sleeping bag or an air mattress) so you are completely unaware of the chilled ground or rocky terrain beneath you.

DIY and Crafts

Whether your loved one’s thing is cross stitching, scrapbooking, painting, or origami, the supplies needed for these hobbies are relatively inexpensive and endlessly unique.

Unique Kitchen Gifts

The ultimate spice cabinet is a nice $30 gift, don’t you think?! Or maybe your friend eats hot sauce on literally everything; you can find various flavorful hot sauce gift sets online. Have they recently discovered matcha? Buy them a matcha making set so they can prep their new favorite hot drink at home.

Pet Toys & Accessories

You have that friend: the one who is (rightfully) obsessed with their dog, cat, or hedgehog. There are literally endless options for what to get them, well, their pet. Consider a customized collar or leash with the pet’s name or their owner’s phone number, a cute sweater, or – of course – toys for playing together.

Journal or Diary

It may seem simple, but a journal can be a great gift for just about everyone – especially leather journals. Whether it is to organize or record their life or to write creatively, a journal can give your loved one an outlet for creative expression.

Yoga Mat

It is no secret that many people in recovery turn to yoga as a healthy outlet for dealing with stress and to refocus. A nice yoga mat can help encourage your loved one to stay healthy both mentally and physically.

The Best Gift You Can Offer Your Loved One: Support

Clearly, there are countless thoughtful gift ideas for the people in your life who are pursuing recovery! On the flip side, if someone you love is struggling to overcome an addiction to alcohol or drugs, no one will be more dedicated to help than Landmark Recovery.

Landmark Recovery offers medically supervised detox, inpatient (also known as residential) treatment, and intensive outpatient programs. Inpatient and outpatient care provides access to individual and group therapy sessions that will help individuals prepare and deal with cravings, urges, and potential relapse. Beyond that, Landmark offers one of the best alumni programs around to provide necessary support and encouragement post-treatment.

If you are interested in learning more about our personalized and holistic treatment programs, reach out to our admission staff today by calling 888-448-0302, and find a treatment center near you.

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