Life at Landmark

Our Mission

Landmark Recovery exists to assist each patient in the development of a lifestyle that is permanently free from all mind and mood altering substances and that promotes the patient’s well-being across mind, body, and spirit. We strive to achieve this vision by building strong, ethically-grounded relationships between each employee and each patient. These relationships outlast the treatment program and continue to serve the patient as long as necessary post-discharge.

Our Vision

Clip art of a light bulb over a mans head. It is helping to describe that within the life at landmark, there are thought leaders.

We will be thought leaders, driven by our data to make continual improvements to the services we offer.

Clip art of people supported by hands. Life at landmark is full of support.

We will eliminate unsupported relapse among our patients within 5 years of treatment.

Clip art of a dropped pin. It is pin pointing where the life at landmark occurs.

We will ensure no American has to travel more than 2 hours to receive effective, high-quality treatment for addiction disorders.

Clip art of a family. Life at landmark supports family programs.

Through our work, we will restore hope, tranquility, and function to one million families over the next one hundred years.