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Talk to a Recovery Specialist

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You Matter to Landmark Recovery

Highly Qualified and Trained Staff

Clinically Developed Curriculum

Making the decision to seek substance abuse treatment is huge step toward healing for yourself and your loved ones. Getting exceptional treatment will allow you to live a life beyond your addiction, beyond hurting the ones you love, and beyond the suffering. We want to help you recover so you can repair your relationships and thrive no matter where life takes you. This is an important decision, and we want to help you to make the best one for you. 

At Landmark, we want to make the difference. We want you to feel that you are receiving the best care, from a staff that is dedicated to you and your successes. We want you to leave feeling strong and capable. We want to be the last addiction treatment center you ever have to visit. 


You Matter To Landmark Recovery

At Landmark Recovery, the biggest difference is you. We understand that every one of our patients comes with their own history, their own struggles, and their own needs. Our goal is to always aim to not only treat the disease of addiction, but the individual struggling with it as well. For this reason, we provide 2x the amount of one-on-one therapy as any other treatment center. We believe that having more time to work individually with a therapist will allow you to get to the core of your needs, and helps us to provide you with the absolute best treatment possible so that you can achieve long term sobriety. 


Highly Qualified & Trained Staff

We take quality seriously, and our staff are the best of the best for addiction treatment. Our medical team consists of certified and registered doctors and nurses, who work every day to ensure that you will be safe and comfortable as you transition off of substances.  Our clinical team are masters level therapists and above, providing individual and group therapy, as well as developing comprehensive treatment plans and assisting in helping you to create a strong plan for staying sober after treatment.  Additionally, all of our staff, from the highest ranks down, participate in a mandated training program designed to teach them how to excel in their position, as well as how to help you excel in your treatment and recovery.  


We Utilize Clinically Developed Curriculums

Our curriculum has been medically and clinically developed and tested to ensure that our clients receive the very best care. By utilizing this curriculum, we ensure controlled and consistent results in our treatment philosophy, that have shown to be effective time and time again. Each day, our clients– as well as their loved ones will know what they will be learning about that day, how it applies to their recovery, and how each element of their treatment plan will come together to ensure their longterm success in recovery.