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Why parenthood and alcoholism is a dangerous combination

“Mommy needs a glass of wine” is perceived as a quirky trend primarily among middle-aged soccer moms, but does it wrongfully glorify inconspicuous abuse of alcohol in a family environment? There’s an epidemic of casual alcoholism that’s gone unnoticed by much of the country as time goes on, only growing worse with every passing year.

While motherhood can often lead to feelings of abandonment and depression from constantly being on the run and being at risk of being emotionally overlooked, you shouldn’t reach for the bottle to cope. Mothers everywhere should know that there is treatment available for a disorder that’s spiraled out of control, but they should also understand that therapy is their best friend when suffering from feeling misunderstood or lonely instead of the bottom of a bottle of “chard”.

“If I can get work done just fine, then why is reaching for glass after glass so bad?”

  1. Substance abuse traumatizes kids. –  It instills in them the idea that substance abuse is acceptable behavior, creating a multigenerational feedback loop of addiction. Your behavior while under the influence is going to leave an emotional impression on a child’s mind and, depending on the severity of the infraction, they will remember it for a long time. You want to set an example for your children by being a responsible parent that moderates risky activities they participate in. If something becomes a problem that negatively affects your life and relationships, then it’s time to seek help.
  2. You have a responsibility to be a parent. – Alcohol abuse is a major time sink, and shirking responsibilities to chase a temporary high reduces the opportunities you have to share your time with your kids. Your first and foremost responsibility as a parent is showing up for your family.
  3. Alcohol is not an appropriate way to treat stress—therapy is. – Mothers don’t need to seek alcohol out to drown their struggles. This is why ensuring the maintenance of your mental health is so important as a mother, especially when you’re juggling all kinds of errands, tasks, and responsibilities. You are not alone as a mother—millions of moms around the country are in the same boat. If you’re struggling with feelings of depression or loneliness, now is the time to seek out some kind of help instead of fostering an unconscious addiction.
  4. Alcoholism is bad regardless of who is abusing the substance. – Alcoholism can contribute to liver damage, cancer, bleeding in the throat, and more. It can damage the cardiovascular system and lead to liver cancer. Because of the nature of the substance itself, it can lead to worse outcomes for those suffering from depression.

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Landmark Recovery is dedicated to ensuring everyone has the means to live their best life. Treating alcoholism is one of many things we do here at Landmark, and we can help you achieve your goal of being in recovery. Our society and families are only as healthy as our mothers are. The last thing we should do is ignore the trends impacting soccer moms, an oft-ignored group, across the nation. Everyone is worthy of a life in recovery. Call Landmark Recovery at 888-448-0302 for more information on how Landmark can help you.



About the Author

Will Long

A graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, Will has been a copy writer and content creator for Landmark Recovery since 2021. Will specializes in writing about substance abuse from a scientific and social perspective.

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