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Collegiate Recovery vs. Winter Break

November 30th, 2021
collegiate recovery

For college-aged students, the stresses of end-of-semester projects, finals, and going home for winter break can be difficult. It can be especially distressing to students in recovery. To raise awareness around holiday parties, binge drinking, and how to make a gameplan with family, Michael interviews Dr. Jaime Garza at the University of Alabama, a powerhouse in the SEC athletic conference and in the world of collegiate recovery programs. Dr. Garza serves as the Coordinator of Collegiate Recovery and Intervention Services (CRIS) at the university and has worked in substance use disorder treatment since 2005. He has been heavily involved in the creation and development of several nationally-recognized collegiate recovery programs and, along with his team, has successfully made higher education accessible to individuals with personal life struggles.

To learn more, visit https://cris.sa.ua.edu/ or check out @bamarecovery on Facebook and Instagram. If you are concerned about a loved one drinking too much or who is addicted to drugs, get in touch with a recovery specialist 24/7 at Landmark Recovery.

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[3:53] An introduction to collegiate recovery programs (CRP). Jaime shares how he began working in the field.

[6:13] A brief history of collegiate recovery programs.

[9:56] Importance of students engaging in a CRP on campus, especially prior to the holidays.

[15:10] CRPs as on-campus, outpatient treatment programs and educational systems of preventative care and awareness.

[17:14] Binge drinking, holiday parties, and having a family game plan over winter break.

[24:08] How to address excessive drinking or drugging.

[26:50] How to find more information about Collegiate Recovery Programs. Also, the #1 thing to know when asking for information? It’s completely confidential and will not negatively affect you/your student’s academic career.


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