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Unlearn and Relearn: Let Go of Your Unhealthy Beliefs

October 28th, 2021
unhealthy beliefs - let go

Where do our beliefs about ourselves come from, and how do those beliefs lead to unhealthy coping and habits? Despite our pain and shame, we can unlearn crippling belief systems and reclaim our true identities. In today’s episode, Zach talks with Landmark Recovery therapists Jessica Tate and Alan Plappert about the “good” and “bad” labels we assign to ourselves, ways we numb our pain, and how to unlearn what we thought defined us. Jessica serves as the Director of Licensing, Accreditation, and Compliance for Landmark Recovery and is currently nationally certified as a Rehabilitation Counselor and Master’s Addictions Counselor. Alan serves as a therapist at Landmark Recovery of Louisville, Kentucky, providing support for families whose loved ones are in treatment for substance use.

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