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Top 5 Recovery Podcast Episodes of 2021

by Landmark Recovery

January 8, 2022
2021 top 5 podcast

Wrapping up 2021, the Landmark Recovery Podcast is highlighting our top five episodes of the year! As one of the fastest growing podcasts covering drug and alcohol addiction, we are striving to bring the knowledge and personal stories of experts and recovering addicts to our listeners.

This year we talked about rock bottom, rehab, and relapse. We tackled difficult topics like trauma, shame, and the chaos of active addiction. But we also shared stories of hope and recovery, restored relationships, and healthier ways of coping.

If you are new to the podcast and aren’t sure where to start, be sure to give one of our top five episodes a listen! Like what you hear? Please let us know by leaving a review.

#1: Navigating Feelings on Addiction (April 22)
featuring Archie Messersmith-Bunting


Known as “The Feelings Guy,” Archie Messersmith-Bunting and Zach discuss how Archie helps people navigate their feelings to improve their quality of life, especially those who face difficult issues such as addiction and mental illness. Archie is a wellness coach, consultant, and professional speaker and serves as the host of the “What a Feeling!” podcast.

#2: Trauma, the Body, and the Brain (October 5)
featuring Jeanne Foot


Jeanne Foot believes the traditional approach to behavioral change is flawed. As an internationally certified addiction counselor and holistic health practitioner, Jeanne instead engages the mind, body, and spirit to treat everything from adverse childhood experiences to substance use disorders. Zach and Jeanne discuss her methods, intergenerational trauma, and her view that we are all recovering from something.

#3: Parents of Addicted Children (August 24) featuring Christine Naman


For family members of those struggling with drug addiction, finding a support system can be difficult. Bestselling author of About Natalie: A Daughter’s Addiction, A Mother’s Love, Finding Their Way Back to Each Other, Christine Naman shares how she wrestled with the pain and mental turmoil of her daughter’s relapses. Christine and Zach discuss her personal journey and the founding of a support system for parents and family members. Learn more at AboutNatalieAddictionComfortCommunity.com.

#4: Addiction, Shame, and Stigma in the LGBT+ community (August 3)
featuring Fay Zenoff


Nationally respected as an addiction recovery strategist and certified professional life coach, Fay Zenoff has worked for more than a decade with individuals, families, treatment centers, and organizations to fight the stigmas of addiction and support recovery wellness in all aspects of life. Fay currently is a Regional Executive Director at Workit Health. Fay talks with Zach about her own recovery from alcohol, as well as the use of substances in the LGBT+ community due to shame, stigma, and social hardships.

#5: From Addict to Activist (September 9)
featuring David Poses

David Poses - From Addict to Activist

After kicking a 20-year heroin addiction, David Poses has now made it his mission to help as many people as possible by sharing his story. Zach interviews David about his recent memoir, “The Weight of Air: A Story of Lies About Addiction, and The Truth About Recovery,” which landed as #1 in Popular Psychology, #1 in Substance Abuse, and #1 for New Release on Amazon.

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