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Category: Drug Abuse

Everything You Wanted To Know About Benzodiazepines

By Landmark Recovery on June 19th, 2018

Between 1996 and 2013, the number of adults who filled a benzodiazepine prescription increased by 67% from 8.1 million to…

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What Is Fentanyl?

By Landmark Recovery on June 8th, 2018

Fentanyl is one of the fastest-growing drugs in the world. It is also responsible for the most significant amount of…

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Drug Relapse Prevention Strategies

By Landmark Recovery on May 18th, 2018

Drug relapse prevention is incredibly important-Typically, when a recovering addict considers relapsing back into drug or alcohol use, there is…

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I Can’t Stop My Drug Abuse

By Landmark Recovery on April 12th, 2018

Are you thinking to yourself, “why can’t I stop abusing drugs?”, and ‘why don’t I stop my drug abuse?’. Read…

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The Danger of Synthetic Drugs

By Landmark Recovery on March 27th, 2018

In What Addiction Will Be Like in 100 Years, you read about how drugs of abuse have changed and will…

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Heroin Addiction and Young Adults (5 Must-Know Facts)

By Landmark Recovery on February 1st, 2018

Heroin addiction; its just as prevalent as the drug, and It’s Everywhere. Parents and caregivers are more concerned today about different…

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17 Drug and Alcohol Abuse Facts You Might Not Know

By Landmark Recovery on January 25th, 2018

Its time to talk about drug and alcohol abuse-This week is National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week so lets go…

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5 Reasons Why Drug Addicts Relapse

By Landmark Recovery on December 7th, 2017

Addicts often relapse in addiction recovery during times when things seem to be going well in their lives. Recovery and…

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Obsessed with Opioids: Feeling Good Isn’t Always Our Best Option

By Landmark Recovery on November 23rd, 2017

The United States of America is known for many things. Home to the 2016 baseball champions the Chicago Cubs, an…

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Heroin Addiction Statistics

By Landmark Recovery on October 24th, 2017

An overdose of drugs is a leading cause of death for many Americans below the age of 50. It is…

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