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The Danger of Synthetic Drugs

by Landmark Recovery

March 27, 2018
The Danger of Synthetic Drugs

In What Addiction Will Be Like in 100 Years, you read about how drugs of abuse have changed and will continue to evolve over time-specifically with the creation of synthetic drugs. Synthetically manufactured drugs are frighteningly addictive, toxic, and lethal. Gone are the days when cocaine and methamphetamine were considered to be the worst drugs imaginable. A growing trend towards synthetics make the war on drugs even more difficult, and the need for education imperative. Read about the following dangers to understand risks and educate your loved ones about their devastating effects.


Synthetic Drugs

Synthetic substances are man-made substances that have similar effects of illicit drugs. “Spice, Synthetic marijuana, “K2” and bath salts are examples. Historically, Spice was first introduced for sale in London in 2004 and became prevalent in U.S. territory by 2008.

Spice and synthetic marijuana (K2) are sold legally in retail establishments, with the drug labeled as “Not for Human Consumption,” but the statement is just a legality, and both users and sellers are blatantly aware that the intended use for these synthetic drugs is recreational consumption.

Under the guise of an “herbal incense,” Spice and K2 are made from plant material that is laced with synthetic cannabinoids, which are chemically similar to THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Unfortunately, the addictive nature and harmful side-effects are more severe than plant-based cannabinoids.

Another common synthetic drug is “Bath Salts.” Most people have these minerals in their bathrooms and associate this term with a leisurely experience. However, when consumed orally, the salts mimic the effects of methamphetamines. Again, they are sold under deceptive names and false instructions to bypass laws that would make their sale illegal if the factual information was clearly labeled.


Side Effects Of Synthetic Drugs

How will Spice, K2, Bath Salts and other faux drugs affect you? In a word: Devastation.

Side-effects of bath salts are severe. Some users can be in a psychotic, trance-like state for days or feel paranoid and suicidal. Some users of bath salts have even committed suicide.

Common effects from synthetics include agitation, extreme nervousness, panic attacks and exaggerated fear, paranoia, rapid heartbeat, elevated blood pressure, hallucinations, tremors or seizures. You may be thinking that these horrific symptoms would be enough for anyone to vow to never use synthetics again. Unfortunately, addiction to immitation drugs is common, and many users find themselves needing more and more to function.


Shady Sales Tactics That Promote Synthetics

Enticing ads and captivating marketing campaigns can lure impressionable teenagers, (and even grown adults) to experiment with drugs that promise an “out of this world experience,” or “incredible sensory trip.” Misinformation about the safety of artificial drugs has led opponents to advocate for more honest advertising about the potentially devastating outcomes of misuse.


Next Steps

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