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Top Recovery Podcasts

by Landmark Recovery

July 10, 2020
A man smiling while listening to a recovery podcast


Recovery podcasts can be a powerful and motivating addition to your arsenal.


Recovery Radio is hosted weekly by Zachary Crouch, a staff member at Landmark Recovery, and a licensed family and marriage therapist. On this podcast, he interviews addiction specialists, mental health professionals, government officials, and recovering addicts to discuss a broad range of subjects. We do our best to give our listeners a well-rounded view of both addiction and recovery.


As well as our own Landmark Recovery podcast, we’re always on the lookout for other great programs. We curated the best of the best to bring you our top 5 recovery podcasts for 2020.


Top 5 Recovery Podcasts

A man smiling while listening to a recovery podcast

  1. The Addicted Mind Podcast
  2. Let’s Talk Addiction & Recovery by the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
  3. That Sober Guy Podcast
  4. Sober Podcasts
  5. Dopey Podcast: The Dark Comedy of Drug Addiction


1) The Addicted Mind Podcast

The Addicted Mind podcast helps you to further your understanding of addiction and to learn about its impact on others. The podcast also highlights the latest treatment modalities available for those struggling with addiction.


The core goal of this podcast is to foster an empathetic and compassionate environment for those caught in the vice-like grip of addiction. Carrying a powerful message of hope, you could benefit strongly from The Addicted Mind if you’re looking to stop using drink or drugs, but you don’t know where to turn.


You can learn a great deal from this podcast about the underpinning drivers for addiction. The host also dives deep into the latest research into the addictive process along with the most effective forms of treatment. There’s a treasure trove of information right here.


Listen to those who have overcome addiction themselves, and to those who have helped others to successfully recover from addiction. Get inspiration from those who have traveled the same challenging path.


The Addicted Mind is hosted by Duane Osterlind who first went to residential rehab at the age of 17. He checked in for depression and substance abuse. The help he received during this tough period was a defining moment in his life. As he began to better understand addiction and to build new coping strategies, Osterlind found his depression lessening. He also discovered that drink and drugs were no longer so central to his life. This podcast allows the host to help others in just the same way he was helped himself.


2) Let’s Talk Addiction And Recovery By The Hazelden Betty For Foundation

Let’s Talk Addiction & Recovery hosted by the iconic Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation carries a message of hope for anyone affected by addiction to alcohol or drugs. Whether it’s you or a loved one with substance use disorder, you can listen to experts discussing the latest trends in recovery.


From research and best practice to promising advances on the horizon, stay fully abreast of all facets of recovery with this podcast.


Listen in while William C. Moyers, author and recovery advocate, speaks with colleagues at the vanguard of addiction treatment.


The podcast offers a mixed bag of informative content, inspiring messages, and all the latest from industry thought leaders. If you’re stuck in a vicious circle of addictive behavior and convinced there’s no way out, you could find this podcast immensely inspiring.


3) That Sober Guy Podcast

That Sober Guy is hosted by Shane Ramer, himself in recovery for alcohol use disorder after a battle with drink and drugs lasting almost two decades. He went into rehab back in 2013 and has never looked back.


He founded this podcast to help fellow recovering addicts to share their experiences and illuminate a subject many find impenetrable. Ramer speaks with a broad spread of celebs and regular citizens laboring with addiction.


The host now promotes a healthy and sober lifestyle and attempts to inspire others to replace the destructive cycle of addiction with a much more rewarding and fruitful existence.


With millions of downloads worldwide, That Sober Guy is one of the top recovery podcasts and well worth your time.


4) Sober Podcasts

If you’re always pressed for time and you like your websites in aggregate form, Sober Podcasts is a network of recovery podcasts all in one place.


Here’s a list of the shows available:


  • Balboa Horizons
  • Cover2 Podcast
  • Daily Sober Podcast
  • Far From Finished
  • iQuit
  • Let’s Talk Drugs
  • Recovery Elevator
  • Recovery Unscripted
  • Rise and Grind
  • Rise 2 Recovery
  • Self-Made Sober
  • Sober Community
  • Sober Grind
  • Sober Guy Radio
  • Sober Life Radio
  • Soberful
  • The Shair Podcast
  • The Sobriety Blueprint Podcast
  • The Way Out Podcast


This is undoubtedly our favorite resource and a must-bookmark.


5) Dopey Podcast: The Dark Comedy Of Drug Addiction

Last but not least, it’s sometimes good to use a light touch when discussing addiction.


Dopey Podcast highlights some amusing tales of addiction from Manhattan’s scuzzy Lower East Side. Free-form rants and skits along with more formal debates of addiction philosophy make this podcast well worth tuning into weekly. Get some light entertainment with a serious underlying message.


What To Do Next

Don’t forget to tune into our recovery podcast if you need some inspiration or education.


If your problem with drink or drugs has reached the stage where you need residential treatment or an intensive outpatient program, we can help out here at Landmark Recovery. Call our friendly team today at 888-448-0302 and we’ll get you back on track.


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