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15 Things to Do in Las Vegas After Rehab

by Landmark Recovery

August 3, 2021
las vegas after rehab

15 Sober Activities to Try in Las Vegas After Rehab

Leaving the safety of your addiction treatment center can be intimidating. You’ve made huge progress with your substance abuse, you are focused, and you have experienced fewer distractions and triggers. But now you are going back out into the world. And if you live in or near Las Vegas, you may fear it will be hard to find sober activities to do post-rehab.

This is the exact opposite of the truth! Las Vegas and the state of Nevada have so many opportunities if you know where to look. Think about it like exploring: You can rediscover your likes and interests, or you can try something you’ve never done before!

Here are 15 different activities – in 5 different categories of interest – in the Las Vegas and surrounding areas that you can incorporate into your life after leaving rehab.


  1. Foster a pet through the Animal Foundation. For the animal lovers who want to care for pets currently without a home, consider fostering through the Animal Foundation. You can foster for an afternoon, a weekend, a few weeks, or you can serve as an ambassador to actively find a forever home for the pet in your care.
  2. Observe wildlife at Clark County Wetlands Park. If you enjoy wildlife, you can observe birds, beavers, turtles, fish, and more while exploring the 210-acre Nature Preserve. Open during daylight hours every day and free to the public, the Clark County Wetlands Park also offers 14 miles of walking trails; you can sign up for guided walks with a park naturalist or join the free walking club.
  3. Ride or volunteer with Horses4Heroes Equestrian Center. This non-profit offers discounted recreational, instructional, and morale-boosting health and wellness programs with horses. Membership is free for active-duty service members, veterans, caregivers, and survivors, and membership for non-heroes is a $50 one-time fee. The organization also needs volunteers who can assist with leading horses, supervising the barnyard, checking-in riders, and helping with other ranch chores.


  1. Gather with fellow poets and artists. If you express yourself through writing or poetry, The Truth Spot encourages fellow poets, rappers, and singers in Las Vegas to come together and showcase their work. The group hosts several weekly and monthly events, including Write Wednesday and Black Friday.
  2. Join a book club or attend readings. Writer’s Block of Las Vegas is a book shop and coffee shop located on the northeast corner of 6th Street and Bonneville Avenue, but it also hosts events and book clubs throughout the year. Whether you like to attend readings with local and up-and-coming authors or prefer to discuss writings and literature with others, Writer’s Block offers a wide selection.
  3. Enjoy local music, art, and crafts. Every month, the First Friday Art Festival supports local arts and culture by offering a space for emerging artists to perform and display their work. If you are an artist yourself, a food vendor, or simply want to volunteer with the festival, you can sign up to participate through the festival website.


  1. Join a CrossFit gym. The high intensity, nationwide fitness program that’s been around for more than 20 years has numerous gyms in the Las Vegas area. If you are easily bored or don’t like the monotony of going to the gym, CrossFit keeps things interesting. Your workout will be different every day! Check out Rounds for Time’s “23 Best Crossfit Gyms in Las Vegas” to find the right fit for you.
  2. Run the state of Nevada. Whether you are a ½ marathoner, marathoner, or ultra-runner, there are plenty of races currently on the calendar for 2021-2022 in Las Vegas and Nevada!
  3. Rock climb Red Rock Canyon. A short drive from the Las Vegas Strip, you can venture to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and either hike or climb in the beauty of the Nevada desert. It’s free aside from the cost of a day/seasonal pass to enter the park. Or if you prefer an indoor climbing environment, you can try a one-time climb or membership at the Red Rock Climbing Center.


  1. Practice discipline with yoga and fitness. Top-rated yoga studios are not hard to find in Las Vegas! Expertise.com recently rated their “Top 18” recommendations. A few of these include: Power Yoga + Pilates + Fitness, which offers a menu of diverse experiences from candlelight yin and Kundalini classes to Super Hot Chakra and Hot Power Hour classes; 103 Hot Pilates & Yoga, which offers yoga and so much more, like HIIT, cardio kickboxing, step-aerobics, pilates, and extreme barre; and Evolution Yoga, which not only provides an array of classes like hot power flow and vinyasa and silks, but also offers 30 days of unlimited classes for $30.
  2. Visit a meditation center. If you need to clear your mind or reclaim your inner peace, consider meditation. There are a handful of meditation centers in the Las Vegas area, including several temples whose meditation sessions are open to the public.
  3. Find a lifestyle mentor. Do you want to be even more intentional about building a new lifestyle? Consider a lifestyle mentor service like TaDā Wellness. Pronounced “Today Wellness,” this one-on-one mentorship program aims to transform how you think about your health and well-being. With the guidance of an instructor, you can work to create positive lifestyle habits that work for you, from your weight and nutrition to your mental health and wellness.


  1. Hike the Railroad Tunnels Trail. This 4.4-mile (round trip) trail is located about 40 minutes southeast of downtown Las Vegas and follows an old railroad bed. Alternating between railroad tunnels and stretches of desert, you can hike, bike, or jog this trail that runs above Lake Mead.
  2. Kayak the Colorado River. You need a permit from the National Park Service, but if you’re an experienced kayaker looking for a beautiful self-guided float trip, look no further than the Colorado River in Black Canyon. Just 45-minutes outside of the Las Vegas strip, the Black Canyon Water Trail is 12-miles long, features hot springs and hidden caves, and begins directly below the Hoover Dam.
  3. Hike Mt. Charleston. This mountain boasts being the eighth-most-prominent peak in the United States and is only 35 miles northwest of Las Vegas. You can choose from over 50 miles of trails to hike, camp at one of four campgrounds, and you might even glimpse wild horses and burros.

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