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How To Find Heroin Treatment

by Landmark Recovery

November 9, 2017
How To Find Heroin Treatment


According to the Office of Drug Control Policy, heroin addiction is at an epidemic level in Kentucky with Louisville being one of the hardest-hit areas. This habit has a lot of adverse effects which affect not only the addict but also the people around the user. The great news is recovery is possible at heroin treatment centers. Here there are various programs which can help you or the life of your loved one get back on track. This article seeks to enlighten how to find a heroin treatment program to combat the addiction.


Understanding Heroin Addiction

A man sitting on his bed thinking about his heroin addiction

Beating this epidemic is a process which requires strong determination. It is not easy to make someone get rid of his or her heroin addiction. Since heroin is an opiate, it has pronounced effects on one’s central nervous system. When consuming heroin, it immediately triggers the release of dopamine, a pleasure-inducing hormone.

It explains why you feel a surge of pleasure known as a heroin high. With time, heroin becomes a symbol of pleasure to an addict. This dependency in its severity causes a person only to derive pleasure from heroin in their body. Slowly the brain will stop responding to the drug since it is an artificial way of getting a bodily sensation. It will call for more consumption of heroin leading a severe addiction. In extreme cases, the person might suffer from an overdose.


Heroin Treatment

A doctor reading to help individuals during heroin treatment

As noticed above, it becomes a necessity to nip the addiction in the bud. It is one of the things you should keep in mind. Are you planning addiction treatment for a family member or a friend? Take action as soon as possible. However, you cannot overlook finding a suitable center for treatment. To get the best heroin treatment, there are some points to be on your checklist when choosing a Louisville rehab center.


Treatment Programs

There are various kinds of heroin treatment programs. Each rehab center offers different programs. Further, they also have different policies and methods of executing these programs. So, you will not get the same effect at each center. Ensure to check that the patient finds the program suitable to their needs. Some centers offer detox and medication therapies while others rely on a more holistic approach. Choosing the most appropriate plan is a sure sign that the patient will respond to the treatment.


Facilities At The Center

What services does the facility offer? Do they have a detox facility or you will be told to go to another center? A rehab without an in-house detox facility will be very inconvenient. Going to another center for detox creates a deterrent in the overall program. It is also essential to choose a facility with excellent nursing services to make your stay enjoyable.


Nature Of The Therapy

Therapy at rehab centers usually takes two forms. There is individual and group therapy. With individual treatment, the patient meets the professional in a face to face meeting to discuss his or her condition. It helps to understand the triggers for the addiction. Further, it will be so easy to determine which techniques are most appropriate to alleviate the problem.

For group therapy, the patient meets with others to discuss their problems. All members are encouraged to open up about the issues they face. It is also a great moment to share ideas on their progress of their recovery. These sessions help addicts support each other. It helps to discover that you are not the only one facing the problem.


Duration Of The Treatment

Rehab centers offer heroin treatment programs of various duration’s. Always consider the physical and psychological impact of the issues involved. A 30 days residential program is more efficient than one lasting for a week. Choosing an effective treatment program will help in treating heroin addiction. Always pick a heroin treatment center with treatment programs with appropriate duration’s to the level of drug addiction the person has.


Accreditation And Affiliations For The Center

An excellent choice for a rehab center is one whose operations and programs are accredited by the Kentucky Board of Certification for Professional Counselors. Accreditation means the center has plans which are tried and tested which is an excellent choice for you. Such certification holds more esteem for the center. You can also consider looking for a center with affiliations to other centers like elder care. It means such a center has a better support system.


Heroin Treatment Procedure

A doctor reading to help individuals during heroin treatment

Before enrolling in a treatment program, the patient should be determined to leave the habit for good. The desire to get back on track empowers you to be focused on the treatment. You will need this when fighting withdrawal symptoms to keep you from relapsing. There are about three ways how one can get themselves ready for heroin treatment.


Fight Your Heroin Craving

You have to understand that it is possible to live without the drug. What it takes is being ready to help your body overcome the desire. To get prepared for this would require going through a detox program. Here your whole body is cleared of all toxins. After detox, then you will go into regular treatment programs on fighting mental cravings.


Beating Mental Cravings

After detox, your body is shown that it does not need heroin. Then the next step is to remove the desires from the mind as well. This procedure entails counseling sessions, learning exercises, individual or group to address the misgivings of addiction. The general idea is to take steps which bolster your self-esteem plus confidence. You might as well enroll in educational courses made to help rebuild your learning and memory skills. These usually deteriorate with sustained drug abuse.


Aftercare Plans For Long-Lasting Recovery

On completion of your treatment, focus shifts to sustaining abstinence from heroin. It is a process which entails continuous one-on-one sessions. It might as well include continued education courses. This process helps to keep you safe from making bad decisions. Further, it allows building confidence to fight cravings when they return.

These three procedures help heroin addicts find a way to handle and overcome the addiction. A recovery process will see you get back on your feet to the delight of people who care and love you.

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