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Getting Addiction Help Over the Holidays in Battle Creek, Michigan

by Landmark Recovery

December 7, 2023
Landmark Recovery of West Michigan

As the holiday season approaches, bringing joy and celebration, it can also be a period of heightened stress, particularly for those grappling with addiction. In an insightful interview with Rachael Ruiz, Michelle Dubey from Landmark Recovery of West Michigan in Battle Creek, Michigan, sheds light on the challenges of addiction during the holidays and how their facility is equipped to help.

Holiday Stress and Addiction

Dubey begins by acknowledging the dual nature of the holiday season.

“Yeah, the holidays are really great. But they’re also a lot of stress,” Dubey says.

This stress, stemming from travel, family dynamics, and the pressure of balancing various activities, can sometimes lead individuals to seek relief in substances, potentially making addiction issues worse. Providing services like alcohol detox in Michigan for patients who need it during the holidays is important.

Recognizing the Signs

One critical aspect Dubey touches upon is the importance of recognizing signs of substance use. She points out that changes in behavior, self-care habits, or punctuality could be indicators that a loved one is struggling.

“When we start to see family members or people that we care about in our lives, not really behave like themselves, maybe they’ve changed the way they take care of themselves…We want to look for those as signs that something’s happening,” Dubey advises.

Her emphasis on honesty and straightforward communication as a means to approach someone suspected of struggling with addiction highlights the sensitivity required in such situations.

Comprehensive Treatment Options at Landmark Recovery

Landmark Recovery offers a ‘full continuum of care,’ as Dubey describes it. This includes withdrawal management for those physically dependent on substances, residential programs designed around individual needs, and an intensive outpatient program lasting about nine weeks. The variety of programs ensures that individuals receive tailored care suited to their specific needs.

The Impact on Families

Dubey, a licensed clinical social worker, emphasizes that addiction is not just an individual’s battle but affects the entire family system. She strongly recommends that when an individual enters treatment, their family should also seek support. This approach ensures a holistic healing process, acknowledging the interconnectedness of individual and family well-being.

Michelle Dubey speaks with Rachael Ruiz of eightWest in Grand Rapids about getting addiction help in West Michigan

Michelle Dubey speaks with Rachael Ruiz of eightWest in Grand Rapids about getting addiction help in West Michigan

Addressing Financial Concerns

Understanding that the cost of treatment can be a barrier, Dubey assures that Landmark Recovery works to make their services affordable. Accepting both commercial and federally funded insurance plans, they aim to ensure high-quality treatment is accessible to those in need.

You Are Not Alone

Dubey’s message is clear.

“You are not alone. You are not the only person going through this.”

She encourages individuals and their loved ones to reach out for support, emphasizing the availability of Landmark Recovery’s admission consultants 24/7.

Don’t Wait – Get Help Today!

The holiday season, while a time of joy, can also amplify existing challenges, particularly for those dealing with addiction. Landmark Recovery in Battle Creek, Michigan, offers a range of services to help individuals and their families navigate these challenges. With a comprehensive treatment approach and an understanding of the complexities involved in addiction recovery, Landmark Recovery stands as a beacon of hope for many during these festive times.

For more information or to seek help, contact Landmark Recovery of West Michigan at (269) 443-0905. Remember, seeking help is a sign of strength, and recovery is a journey you don’t have to undertake alone.

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