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Could Colorado’s Minimum Wage Boost Help Reduce Addiction?

By Demarco Moore on September 28th, 2022

In September, state officials announced an increase to the state’s minimum wage that will go into effect on January 1,…

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Indiana Woman’s Documentary Explores Drug Addiction in Rural Towns

By Demarco Moore on September 20th, 2022

It wasn’t until Lisa Hall moved back to Brown County, Indiana that she realized the impact drug addiction was having…

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How to Have Fun While Sober

By Demarco Moore on September 12th, 2022

Understanding Which Activities Work For Your Recovery For nearly 10 years, JoJo Campbell’s idea of fun involved being drunk or…

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International Overdose Awareness Day: Remembering those who’ve passed

By Landmark Recovery on August 31st, 2022

Help End Overdose Drug overdose is now the leading cause of death for young people in our country and the…

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Can We Talk About the Kids Now? Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences

By Michelle Dubey - LCSW, LISW, CCTS on July 8th, 2022

Adverse Childhood Experiences Increase Risk of Substance Use There’s a wave of substance use disorders that will be crashing over…

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New Pediatric Guidelines Set For Speaking to Children About Addiction

By Will Long on June 29th, 2022

New Pediatric Guidelines Set For Speaking to Children About Addiction The American Academy of Pediatrics recently published new recommended pediatric…

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What is Fluclotizolam?

By Will Long on June 24th, 2022

New Forms of Benzodiazepines, Like Fluclotizolam, Are Flooding Black Markets Fluclotizolam is classified as a novel benzodiazepine and depresses the…

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Why Addiction Is A Disease

By Landmark Recovery on June 21st, 2022

Published: June 26, 2020 | Updated: June 21, 2022 Addiction is not a crime or weakness Addiction is not a…

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Indianapolis Mom’s Struggle With Addiction Draws Criticism

By Demarco Moore on June 12th, 2022

Robin Miles shared her alcohol addiction story with WTHR Words matter, especially when it comes to the language used to…

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What are Synthetic Cannabinoids?

By Demarco Moore on June 6th, 2022

Synthetic cannabinoids go by many names–“K2,” “Spice” and “Synthetic Marijuana” to name a few. You can find hundreds of these…

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