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Alcohol Recovery Boston, MA | Landmark Recovery of Boston

Alcohol Recovery in Boston

Landmark Recovery of Boston provides evidence based alcohol rehab close to home for individuals struggling with substance abuse addiction, and sets them on a long-term road to recovery from drug and alcohol dependence.

Alcohol abuse and addiction in Massachusetts

Alcohol is by far the most widely abused drug in Boston and throughout Massachusetts, with nearly 62% of Massachusetts residents identifying as current drinkers. 1 Around 33% of Massachusetts adults participated in binge drinking (the consumption of five or more drinks on the same occasion), 1 and nearly 8% reported heavy alcohol use (the consumption of 15 or more drinks per week) in the past month. 2

Underage drinking is a major concern for Boston and Massachusetts residents. Around 30% of adolescents and young adults aged 12 to 20 currently consume alcohol and nearly 20% reported past-month binge drinking. 1 The Massachusetts Youth Risk Behavior Survey determined that 31% of Massachusetts high school students currently drink alcohol, 16% engaged in past-month binge drinking, and 56% consumed alcohol at least once in their lifetime. 3 The survey also found that approximately 14% of high school teens reported riding in a car with someone who had been drinking alcohol and 6% admit that they drove after drinking alcohol.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, excessive drinking results in 1,744 deaths and 49,020 years of potential life lost each year in Massachusetts. 4 Alcohol abuse also cost Massachusetts $5.6 billion annually due to lost workplace productivity, healthcare expenses, law enforcement and criminal justice expenses, and losses from motor vehicle crashes. 5 From 2009-2018, 1,243 people in Massachusetts were killed in crashes involving an alcohol-impaired driver. 6

Recent findings from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health determined that 396,000 Massachusetts residents currently suffer from alcohol use disorder, a chronic relapsing brain disease characterized by an impaired ability to stop or control alcohol use despite adverse social, occupational, or health consequences. 1 In 2019, around 34% of admissions to substance abuse treatment programs in Massachusetts were clients seeking treatment for alcohol addiction. 7 Tragically, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration estimates that 357,000 Massachusetts residents needed but did not receive treatment for alcohol addiction in 2019. 1

Alcohol addiction recovery in Boston

Are you or somebody you know struggling with an alcohol addiction? Fortunately, there is treatment available that can help you overcome drug and alcohol addiction and start living a healthy, substance use-free and active lifestyle. Landmark Recovery of Boston offers a range of personalized recovery programs for alcohol addiction in the safe and secure environment of our Boston-area treatment center. Our alcohol rehab and recovery programs effectively promote healing and wellness by providing evidence based individual and group therapy, and supportive care from medical and clinical addiction treatment staff.

We truly believe that every person can recover from alcohol addiction through compassionate care tailored to their specific needs. The first part of the recovery process will be a medical exam and in-depth health assessment that occurs immediately upon your arrival at our alcohol rehab center in Boston. During this time, our team of alcohol rehab doctors and nurses will thoroughly evaluate your health and the nature of your addiction, helping to determine which addiction treatment program will work best for specific substance use disorders and needs.

Alcohol Detox in Boston

Before beginning any formal substance abuse treatment, you will need to prepare your body and mind for rehab and recovery by going through alcohol detox. During the alcohol detox process, all traces of alcohol and accumulated toxins will be cleared from your system. Depending on the length and severity of alcohol addiction, you will likely experience a range of withdrawal symptoms during detox as your mind readjusts to functioning in the absence of alcohol. Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal usually show up during detox as early as 6 hours after your last drink and may include: 8

  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Agitation
  • Insomnia
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Shaky hands
  • Sweating
  • Racing heart
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Increased sensitivity to sounds and light

More serious problems of alcohol withdrawal include hallucinations (12 to 24 hours after last drink) and seizures (after 24 to 48 hours). After 48 to 72 hours of detox, about 5% of people going through alcohol withdrawal will experience delirium tremens, a dangerous mental and physical health condition that includes severe symptoms such as vivid hallucinations, delusions, profound confusion, irregular heartbeat, breathing difficulties, fever, and heavy sweating. 9 Studies have shown that as many as 1 in 25 individuals experiencing delirium tremens during alcohol withdrawal die from the symptoms associated with this condition. Due to the extremely unpredictable and potentially life-threatening nature of alcohol withdrawal, we highly recommend that you detox from alcohol with assisted treatment under medical supervision at a professional alcohol addiction treatment and recovery center.

Landmark Recovery’s alcohol addiction recovery center in Boston offers a medical detox program that can carefully manage your withdrawal and detox from alcohol. Our experienced clinical specialists will provide expert care with around-the-clock monitoring that ensures you remain safe and comfortable throughout your entire detox. We can also prescribe medications that can help reduce cravings and alleviate specific symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Medications that may be administered during alcohol detox include: 8

  • Anticonvulsants
  • Antipsychotics
  • Barbiturates
  • Beta blockers
  • Anti-nausea medications
  • Benzodiazepines

Individual Therapy and Group Therapy for Alcohol Treatment in Boston

After you successfully complete detox and are medically stable, you will be ready to enter the therapeutic stage of alcohol rehab and recovery treatment. Landmark Recovery of Boston utilizes only the most current and proven therapies for our drug and alcohol recovery programs. Some of the evidence based therapies often incorporated into our alcohol recovery treatment include behavioral therapy, individual and group counseling, FDA-approved alcohol addiction medications (acamprosate, naltrexone, and disulfiram), family therapy, peer support groups, meditation and mindfulness therapy, health and wellness education, fitness and exercise, and recreational activities.

During alcohol rehab treatment, your participation in addiction counseling sessions and behavioral therapy (such as cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, and contingency management interventions) will help you identify the underlying false beliefs and harmful thought patterns behind your addiction to alcohol. 10 While working closely with a dedicated counselor, you will also develop the healthy behaviors and coping skills needed to maintain sobriety and prevent relapse.

How can I get more information on alcohol rehab in Boston?

If left untreated, alcohol addiction and alcohol abuse will cause irreparable damage to your health and life. Get the help you need with our local area alcohol treatment rehab center in Boston Massachusetts. Contact Landmark Recovery of Boston today at 978-619-8073 to begin your journey to lasting recovery from alcohol addiction.

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