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Meth Recovery in Boston

Meth recovery in Connecticut

Meth is very tough to recover from and can lead to a lifelong battle for recovery, but with Landmark Recovery and the resources we give our patients, you’ll make a full recovery in no time. Treatment for the abuse of severely debilitating substances like meth is our specialty, and we aim to treat our patients fully and effectively. Our goal is to save as many lives as possible, starting with you.

What is meth?

Meth is a type of amphetamine compound. Adderall, the most commonly used ADHD medication, is chemically related to meth by the simple virtue of being a type of phenylethylamine, even though it doesn’t have the same potency or effects. Meth is extremely potent compared to basic amphetamine, and is usually taken at massive doses by those who’ve developed a tolerance to the drug.

Heavy users will binge on the drug for days at a time without eating or sleeping. Meth can be made from caustic materials that are found around the house. The drug raises the blood pressure and heart rate of the user. Ventricular and white matter volume is increased, and grey matter and hippocampus volume is decreased, when meth is abused consistently. More potent and longer-lasting than cocaine, meth has become a more popular street drug aside from the lower price.

Meth as a recreational drug of choice is a recent social development. Fulfilling a desire for a cheaper and faster alternative to cocaine, meth is arguably the most recent major illicit drug to hit the streets and achieve household name status. Amphetamines, the drug family that methamphetamine falls in, were first synthesized in 1887 by Lazard Edeleanu, a Romanian chemist working in Berlin, Germany; the compound he discovered was originally named phenylisopropylamine. The first amphetamines were related to the compound ephedrine, and were used to treat asthma. During World War II, different types of amphetamines were given to soldiers on both sides of the war. It is commonly (and correctly) stated that Adolf Hitler was addicted to some wild combination of amphetamines and stimulants during the last part of his horrifyingly-led life.

Smoked “ice” causes a near-immediate “blast-off” with absorption lasting for about 4 hours; the half-life of ice meth is 11 hours+. Addiction to meth is quick and almost entirely guaranteed; it destroys the grey matter and hippocampus in the brain, much like Alzheimer’s does during the early stages. It induces negative feelings about the drug after the first time it’s been tried; the tolerance experienced is rapid and massive. There is literally zero upside to using meth: you will rot your brain.

Meth use in Massachusetts

Meth use in Massachusetts is relatively low compared to other states, however the amount is still non-zero. The highest-using age group is 18- to 25-year-olds at 0.36%. 0.36% of those over the age of 17 have used meth in the last year.

Meth recovery

Landmark Recovery is proud to offer the best in meth addiction recovery services to our patients. Outpatient, residential, and partial hospitalization treatment is offered at our facilities, allowing our patients to have multiple treatment paths forward. Medication assisted treatment is also provided for severe cases of withdrawal to ensure the path to a full and lasting recovery is made easy.

While here, we offer counseling and therapy to treat the root causes of addiction as part of our holistic treatment program. 12-step programs, including AA and NA, are available for patients so they can reinforce their recovery education and build relationships with figures that might help them build accountability and lasting friendships. After you leave our care and supervision, we give graduates access to a nationwide alumni association with as many post-treatment educational opportunities as possible.

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No need to wonder any further if you can work past your struggles with substance abuse. Landmark Recovery is here to help you succeed at getting over the mountain of recovery and step back into a life you’ve seized control of once again. Give us a call at 888-448-0302 for more information on how we can help.

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