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Addiction Treatment Overview:

Prescription opioids have flooded the streets of Ohio. As the opioid epidemic has swept across the nation, Ohio is one state that has been disproportionately high in overdose and addiction rates. Landmark Recovery of Cleveland was founded in order to help save lives and restore hope to those in need.


At Landmark Recovery, our caring staff is comprised of highly trained professionals that will aid patients on the path to sobriety. Our program begins with an intake assessment to determine the appropriate detoxification and treatment plan. Following detoxification, patients will continue treatment with individual and group therapy sessions led by masters-level counselors. At times, family members and loved ones will be brought in to help with family counseling and education. Following discharge from the live-in facility, patients will receive follow-up support from staff and alumni to help them stay healthy and relapse-free.

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No single addiction is exactly alike. We design and develop treatment programs to match the individual needs of our patients.

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