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Cocaine Treatment in Las Vegas

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Center in Las Vegas

Wherever you are in your journey toward achieving permanent sobriety, Landmark Recovery can help. Cocaine addiction can trigger a downward spiral that makes it seem as if your story is ending when it’s only beginning. Seek help with Landmark today.

What is cocaine?

Cocaine (benzoylmethylecgonine), also known colloquially as coke, is a highly addictive stimulant that’s usually inhaled through the nose. Cocaine is created from the leaves of the coca tree and can be crystalized (this is usually referred to as crack cocaine) or in powder form.

Powdered cocaine is the most used form; crack cocaine, named after the sound it makes when heated, is usually crushed and smoked or combined with other drugs like heroin (called “speedball”, which is injected) to make a stronger combination. Most users of cocaine must continually use the drug during a binge in order to maintain their high. 1 The DEA classifies cocaine as a Schedule II substance.

Cocaine makes users aggressive, very alert, and euphoric. These effects can appear individually or are exemplified behaviorally in any given combination. 2 This is often why cocaine, a stimulant, is the drug of choice at clubs and parties.

Ultimately far from the always-feel-good substance, its users claim it to be, there’s evidence that, in addition to commonly understood circulatory issues 3 , cocaine also affects the brain’s ability to function due to long-term use. 4 Strokes and seizures are also prevalent among long-term users because of cocaine-induced vasoconstriction. 5

Cocaine abuse in Nevada

According to the University of North Las Vegas’s Center for Democratic Culture (2016), 3.01% of Nevadans 12 years of age and older had an illicit drug use disorder. 6 Between 2017 and 2018, 2.44% of the adult population in Nevada had used cocaine in some form with 206 documented individuals receiving treatment for a substance use disorder. 7 One can imagine the prevalence of a stimulant drug, like cocaine, in the fast-paced, 24-hour lifestyle on the Strip in the Las Vegas Valley.

Cocaine addiction treatment

Cocaine is an extremely addictive substance that most often requires managed treatment in order to make a full and successful recovery from. Because of how different stimulants are than substances like opioids and alcohol, withdrawal symptoms take on different forms that present as primarily psychological in nature. They can cause significantly dysphoric and depressive effects that might potentially have lethal ramifications due to altered mental state in the immediate withdrawal period of stimulant abuse. 8

Part of the reason the effects of stimulant withdrawal are primarily psychological and neurological stems from the way stimulants, like cocaine, affect dopamine levels in the brain. As of now, there are no medications that have been proven effective at treating cocaine addiction directly, but there are some medications (like Modafinil) that have demonstrated positive effects in managing or mitigating the effects of stimulant withdrawal. Fighting through the first 24 to 48 hours of withdrawal symptoms is the most important mountain to conquer as a patient.

One of the most important aspects of treatment is ensuring that you’re detoxing in an environment that provides supervision for a long enough time that all withdrawal symptoms have abated. Once the more immediate effects of stimulant withdrawal have passed, a patient can successfully undergo long-term therapy to change and manage their behavioral mindset around stimulant abuse.

Landmark Recovery offers just the kind of service and facilities that those struggling with cocaine addiction need. Our healthcare professionals are specially trained to help you work through managing your addiction and conquering it. Landmark also offers specialized therapy and counseling to examine underlying reasons for substance abuse and can help families work together through having a loved one in treatment.

What’s next?

If you or a loved one is experiencing an addiction to cocaine, Landmark can offer hope for the future. Landmark offers a variety of treatments to help maintain a sober path forward. Give Landmark Recovery of Las Vegas a call at (725) 217-9910 or Landmark’s hotline at (888) 448-0302 to make the next step towards achieving lasting recovery.

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