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Marijuana Detox in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Marijuana Detox

Marijuana can be a tough drug to kick. It seems ultimately harmless due to the socially ubiquitous status it’s garnered over the last century as the drug of choice for folks who just want to relax. However, contrary to popular belief about the “harmlessness” of the drug, there are legitimately quantifiable risks involved with its use that are often under-discussed and glossed over. Landmark Recovery of Las Vegas offers services to help you with marijuana detox. Allow us to be your first choice in seeking some form of treatment as you make your way toward a drug-free lifestyle in recovery.

Marijuana facts and use in Nevada

Marijuana has been immensely popular lately due to the ease by which someone can come into possession of it. In some states, including ones Landmark has treatment centers at, marijuana is recreationally legal as well as available for those with medical marijuana access. This makes marijuana universally possible to get your hands on almost anywhere.

Marijuana, while assumed harmless, presents a host of risks and negative consequences to its use over time, especially for those who smoke it over a long term. Evidence has been found in a study that that regular use of marijuana beginning in childhood (<18 years of age) leads to lowered IQ over time. According to the UN, Marijuana is the most used drug of choice worldwide, meaning that the 9% of users who develop a dependence is a surprisingly larger group than otherwise assumed. Either way, there is a non-zero risk of developing such a dependence for users of marijuana.

The effects of weed are felt because of the chemical compound THC, which causes humanly pleasurable sensations from acting as a neurotransmitter in all the right places. In other words, weed makes you feel good. Whether or not it affects you negatively when abused can depend on a host of factors.
As of 2019 in Nevada, close to 15% of adults use marijuana regularly with almost 23% of Millennials (ages 25-34) having used the drug. 9% of treatment center admissions in Nevada listed marijuana as the primary reason for checking in. 32% of Nevada residents aged 18-25 have reported marijuana use in an average month.

How a detox works

When detoxing from marijuana, your care should be supervised to ensure you’re sticking with your commitment to the drug free lifestyle. Here at Landmark, we pride ourselves on our residential and outpatient care facilities that every patient will have access to. We offer a variety of therapies including  individual and group counseling with behavioral therapies that have proven to be effective specifically in treating marijuana.

Marijuana detox may require medication to assist in the process of recovery, but our Las Vegas staff are trained to administer anything patients may need. Our facilities can handle both inpatient residential care and outpatient services.

Seeking help

Are you struggling with a substance use disorder involving marijuana? Let Landmark Recovery be the first call you make to learn more about what we can do for you or your loved one. Call Landmark Recovery at (865) 448-5174 to learn more about what we can do for you. Landmark is dedicated to saving as many lives as we can in the next century—let us add you to our growing numbers of successful program alumni.

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